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Neighbours Boys


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Occupation: Student, Coffee Shop assistant, handyman, Cuppa Diem salesman

Residence: 28, 32 Ramsay Street

Related to: Karl & Susan (son), Libby (sister) and Billy (brother) Uncle to Ben Marital Status: Catherine O'Brien

Malcolm, the oldest Kennedy kid made his mark on Ramsay street by accidentally shooting Lou Carpenter not long after the family first arrived. Malcolm had a long term relationship with Danni Stark and, against both their parents wishes, they moved into No. 32 together. This arrangement ended after Danni believed she had become pregnant and the pair moved back to their respective parents houses. The relationship eventually broke up when Malcolm started to feel that Danni was becoming selfish and possessive, however they remained friends afterwards. After leaving school, Malcolm went to University but dropped out after deciding he didn't like the course and was taken on by Sam Kratz as an assistant for his handyman and gardening business. When Sam moved to England, Malcolm took over 'Handy Sam's' and when Sam decided to sell the business he went into partnership with Darren Stark to buy the business. This partnership ended after only a short time when Darren blamed the Kennedy family for Cheryl's death. Malcolm's life was put in jeopardy after an accident while renovating the Waterhole/'Lou's Place' and Karl had to perform an emergency tracheotomy to save his son's life. Malcolm moved to England to start a new life and later got married. After leaving to start a new life in England, Malcom later returned as an almost successful entrepreneur in a coffee business. He stayed with Karl and Susan again and after a few meetings with Harold Bishop, decided that he was going to take over the Coffee Shop with his new coffee range.He was going to put business before friendship and Harold got very upset. After a few words from Karl about friends over business, Malcolm later changed his mind and apologised to Harold. Malcom then left Karl No32 and asked him to find him an agent for the house, before eventually returning to England as his wife was missing him.

Thanks to Paul Kerry

Home / Up  / Marc Lambert David Karakai-2002