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SNPJ Lodge #738 Enumclaw, WA

Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota

Slovenian National Benefit Society

Welcome to the online home of SNPJ Mt. Rainier Lodge #738 for the greater Enumclaw, Auburn, Renton, Bellevue, and Seattle, Washington area.     Everyone with an interest in Slovenian heritage and culture is always welcome to attend our meetings and get-togethers.    This website is continuously updated and expanded, so check back often to see all the changes, additions, improvements, and latest information.

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Welcome, You are Visitor # since February 27th, 2000

Lodge #738 mourned the passing of brother Franklin T. Lunka, Sr., a longtime and very supportive member of our lodge on July 19, 2014. 

Lodge #738 mourned the passing of brother George M. Potocnik, a longtime lodge member, on March 10, 2011. 

Lodge #738 mourned the passing of brother Michael Evanick, a longtime member of our button box group and a very supportive member of our lodge on October 7, 2010. 

On March 16, 2010, Lodge #738 mourned the passing of sister Annette M. (Kitna) Johnson, a very supportive member of our lodge.  Her funeral will be held on Monday, March 22, 2010 at 10:30 AM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Enumclaw, WA.

Lodge #738 mourns the passing of sister Frances Bisiack Richter Potocnik, a past Secretary and Treasurer of our lodge.  Her funeral will be held on Friday, March 11, 2005 at 11:00 AM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Enumclaw, WA.

Lodge #738 mourns the passing of sister Christine M. Kauzlarich, and brother Frank J. Mrzlikar.

Lodge #738 mourns the passing of Ruth C. Lunka, who served our lodge in the past as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Auditor.

Lodge #738 mourns the passing of our past President, Tom Zumek, Sr., whose contributions to the lodge were invaluable.


Lodge #738 welcomes Vicki, Lorenz, David and Luanne Muńoz as transfers from Lodge #11 which has decided to discontinue their formal meeting schedule.

Lodge #738 welcomes Don and Jan Crnich as transfers from Lodge #11 which has decided to discontinue their formal meeting schedule.

Lodge #738 welcomes these newest members: Mitzie Barrie and Jack Barrie

As well as these recent new members: John P. Matzelle, Donna Lee and Verlin Judd, and Larry C. Pomada


Photo: Walter Susanj, current vice president and past president and secretary, and
Hall of Fame Award winner from the Tamburitaza Association of America,
is honored for his 60 years of membership in SNPJ

Exciting new connection with the University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures detailed in recent Prosveta article.

Current and Past Officer List  Under Construction

List of 34 Prosveta Articles on Past Lodge 738 Activities & Area History

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George M. Potocnik Obituary
Mike Evanick Obituary
Annette M. (Kitna) Johnson Obituary
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Ruth C. Lunka Obituary in Prosveta

National SNPJ Website

LIST OF ALL SNPJ LODGES, OFFICERS & CONTACT INFORMATION BY STATE (Now Complete!) with update to 2002 now complete.



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Meetings and other activities are usually held on the second Sunday of the month from about noon on, in the Community Center at the Mt. Villa Mobile Manor in Enumclaw, WA.       Everyone with an interest in Slovenian heritage and culture is always welcome to attend.       Click on the links below for Maps of the Route from I-5 to the Community Center (pictured to the right):

Updated Map Now Available:
Map to Mountain Villa Mobile Manor:
1099 Mountain Villa Dr
Enumclaw, WA 98022, US

Aleks Markovcic from Lodge #11 has graciously agreed to teach a Slovenian language class beginning Sunday, February 10th, 2002 at noon.  He will alternate the class date between the meeting date for Lodge #11 and us each month, in an effort to encourage members of both lodges to participate.  If you've been wanting to learn the Slovenian language, this is your chance to learn it directly from a native speaker.

We had 18 people for the first class!!!   And 18 people for the second class too!!! And now 20 people for the third class!!!
The next class will be Sunday, February 9, 2003 at 12:00 Noon at the VFW Hall in Auburn, WA. [see above]. The class has been suspended until further notice.
Word of the Week
joy, delight, cheerfulness

The Puget Sound Button Box Group is inviting everyone, particularly younger people, interested in learning how to play the button box accordion, to give them a call at 206-767-7685 or send them an email through Bill Just.

This year's celebration will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the Mt. Villa Community Center in Enumclaw. Slovenia is the only country in the world with a Culture Day! Join with us as we celebrate the Slovenian national cultural holiday which also honors France Prešeren, the 19th century poet, whose most famous poem is "Zdravljica" or in English, "A Toast". The seventh stanza of this poem, which hails world peace and the brotherhood of man, has become the Slovenian national anthem.

We will also be celebrating Valentine's Day, starting about 1:00 PM. We will be planning our budget for the new year, so this is an important meeting. The lodge will provide the klobasa, polenta, bread, coffee, potica and some wine; everything else is potluck!

Please note that the 2017 annual social membership charge of $10 to cover mailing costs and incidentals is now due.

Sunday, April 9, 2017.   Last year's auction was a lot of fun and a terrific success, so keep your eyes peeled for potential auction items as you start your spring cleaning this year!

Bring your auction item, wrapped so no one will know what they are bidding on (check your garage, attic and/or basement for those super treasures you no longer want or need).  Or if you feel the item warrants viewing to truly appreciate, then by all means leave it unwrapped. Baked goods and preserves are always excellent auction items!

Max Manowski has once again graciously agreed to be our auctioneer - he's great at this task!
The lodge will provide the klobasa, bread, potica, coffee, and some wine; everything else is potluck!

Sunday, May 15, 2016: Mother's Day Celebration
Our celebration will be one week after the official Mother's Day to allow for private family gatherings.  Meeting at noon; celebration begins about 1 PM.  The lodge will provide the klobasa, bread, potica, coffee, and some wine; everything else is potluck!   It is also alright to BYOB if you so desire!   All families are welcome as we honor our lodge's mothers.

June 17-21, 2009:
This year's celebration will feature a Saturday night concert [June 20, 2009  7:45PM] with Cleveland-born LynnMarie Rink and Charlie Kelley!  LynnMarie Rink grew up in the Slovenian community to become a four-time Grammy-nominated buttonbox accordionist.

More information to come!  


AUGUST:   ANNUAL PICNIC at Mountain Crest Memorial Park near Cumberland, WA
Sunday, August 7, 2016:  Come rain or shine, this year's Annual Slovenian Picnic will again be held at this more private and well-equipped location near Cumberland at 36424 - 312th Ave. S.E. on the way to Lake Walker.  This is one week earlier than our normal date due to a scheduling conflict.  Most activity will occur from noon until about 4PM, but we have reserved the area for the whole day, so come as early as you like and stay as late as you want!  Come and help us celebrate our rich Slovenian heritage!  Better maps, information and directions are available through links below.

Join with SNPJ Lodge #371, Slovenian Women's Union Branch #79 and us for Slovenian klobasa, wine, potica, live music, dancing, great conversation and many new friends in a beautiful outdoor setting!  BYOB if you so desire; there is no problem imbibing here, just have a designated driver.

Many more photographs from earlier picnics can be seen in the 2000 Picnic Photo Album!!!

Here's a link to a Map of the Mountain Crest Memorial Park Vicinity near Cumberland, WA.  Also note the link on that page to an even larger scale map. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016 with Lodge members and others providing the music!!!
Our gathering this month will occur on SUNDAY, October 9, 2016!
A short regular monthly meeting will begin promptly at 12:00 Noon.
Join us at our new, more comfortable meeting place, the Mountain Villa Mobile Manor Community Center in Enumclaw, WA. [Map Available Above].
Party starts about 1:00 PM with klobasa, rolls, coffee, potica and some wine provided by the lodge. Everything else is potluck, and remember to B.Y.O.B if you so desire.
Members of SNPJ Lodge #371 and Slovenian Women's Union Branch #79 are also always welcome.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM in the Krain, WA Holy Family Catholic cemetery
located at the corner of SE 400th Street and 254th Avenue SE,
north of Enumclaw, WA and west of Krain Corner,
honoring the Slovenian founders of the town of Krain, WA
during the 112th Anniverary year of the creation of the SNPJ.
Join with us as we add to and spruce up the 'Lipa', Linden tree, ancient symbol of the Slovenian people, and stone marker which we planted and placed back in 2004, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of SNPJ.
Members of SNPJ Lodge #371 and Slovenian Women's Union Branch #79 are also welcome.

Click here for a Photo Album of the Tree Planting event with 16 photos.

Sunday, December 11, 2016 is the date for our annual Christmas Party with music provided by various members and other fine musicians.
This year our annual Christmas Party will once again be held at the Mountain Villa Community Center in Enumclaw, WA.
The event starts with a brief meeting at noon, but the party really begins with the music at 1:00 PM.    Kranjska klobasa, polenta, rolls, potica, coffee and some wine will be provided by the lodge.  Everything else is potluck, and remember to B.Y.O.B if you so desire.  Members of Lodges #371 and Slovenian Women's Union Branch #79 are also invited to join with us in the festivities.

New Officers for 2004:

Left to Right in the Photo: Tony Mylnar, former Auditor; Frank Lunka, Sr., former Auditor; Mary Bratovich, former Secretary/Treasurer; Walter Susanj, Vice President; Gary Gorsha, President; Kathy Vogel, Recording Secretary;  Not Pictured: Max Manowski, current Secretary/Treasurer; Larry Petroski, Auditor; Bill Just, Prosveta Correspondent; Vi Mylnar, Activities Chair; Gary L. Gorsha, Webmaster

Other Useful Links

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Learn more about Slovenian fraternal and other current organizations starting at the Slovenian-American Central Repository of information on Slovenian-American organizations, including a complete listing of all SNPJ Lodges, their officers, contacts and meeting schedules.  If you are looking to connect, start here!!!

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