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Prosveta Articles Referencing SNPJ Lodge #738

(including some referencing Lodges #11 & #783)

Page Created: February 5, 2001
Page Updated: December 16, 2004
©Copyright 2001, 2002, 2003 Gary L. Gorsha

A List of Past Articles with Links to Transcriptions of the Articles
Pub. Date Headline or Description Author Page
11/24/04Remembering Their Roots . . . Gary L. Gorsha 1
11/12/03Washington Lodge members attend Slavic Homecoming Gary L. Gorsha 8
10/29/03Auburn Lodge welcomes Slovenian visitor at picnic Mickey Breznikar 6
03/05/03SNPJ fraternal sympathies: Sis. Ruth Lunka · Lodge 738 · 10
02/19/03Life member Frances Hren celebrating 100th birthday Shirley Hren 2
01/02/03Breznikar a Veteran of 'Taps' Felix Breznikar 1
12/25/02Washington Lodges welcome Santa at Dec. celebration Gary L. Gorsha 3
09/18/02Lodge 738 celebrating Oktoberfest Bill Just 8
04/03/02Member celebrates 99th Mickey Breznikar 6
12/26/01N. W. Lodges celebrate holidays together Mickey Breznikar 15
11/28/01N. W. Lodges share in holiday fun Mickey Breznikar 1
10/03/01FRATERNAL HONOREES: Bro. Walter Susanj 7
09/05/01Annual picnic just the beginning for Lodge 11 Mickey Breznikar 10
05/16/01Lodge 738 giving mom a second day of her own Bill Just 1
01/24/01Lodge 738 closes 2000 with a Pacific celebration Bill Just 9
12/06/00Welcome, friends: Lodge 738 playing host for the holiday season Bill Just 1
09/13/00Lodge 11 picnic goes off without a hitch Mickey Breznikar 3
07/26/00Lodge 11 tackles genealogy with help from Enumclaw VP Mickey Breznikar 6
04/19/00Lodge 11 keeping up to date via web site Mickey Breznikar 6
03/22/00Lodge 11 meets April 2 after March cancellation Mickey Breznikar 2
03/01/00Washington Lodge 738 joins the information age with web site Bill Just 1
12/29/99Lodge 11 starting their yearly business early in 2000 Mickey Breznikar 2
11/24/99Lodge 11 joining in with Lodge 738 Christmas fun Mickey Breznikar 1
08/25/99Lodge 11 gets back to business after August picnic Mickey Breznikar 2
01/20/99Sis. Mary G. Barquist Obituary N/A 8
12/10/97Fall and winter keep Lodge 738 members busy Dorothy Sleigh 2
09/03/97Lake Twelve picnic brings Lodge 11 members together Mickey Breznikar 3
05/28/97Doin' it all for the love of mom Dorothy Sleigh 5
01/22/97Puget Sounders provide for a festive western celebration Dorothy Sleigh 2
11/06/96Enumclaw Lodge 738 readies for holidays Dorothy Sleigh 1
03/22/95How the city of Krain was founded Joseph Drasler 8
03/08/95Cumberland area is narrowly missed by fire Francis Potocnik 1