Oh, the MSTieness!

Welcome to Oh, the MSTieness! Now you have a friend in the MSTie business. There are thousands of MST3K pages out there on the internet. This is one of them!

Hello. Good day. Happy to see you. Guess what. Oh, the MSTieness! lets you do magic things with the Mystic MSTie Age Guesser, it is amazing and colossal, trust me. You can also take one of two MST quizzes, the Easy MST3K Quiz or the Semi-Ultimate Trivia Quiz, located on the Main Quiz Page. One of 'em's bound to be right for you, so give one a try, won't you? Thank you.

My Story is a story by me about a bad experience I had with a MST newbie online. Very controversial. It happened to me, and it could happen to you. Be prepared and read My Story.

There's also my little link page and a brief definitions list to MST3K online. Both are for the beginners and wanderers out there that aren't really sure what they're doing.

And of course there's my sound page, because it's fun to copy everyone else, here's Some Sounds. Speaking of copying, I copied down The Credits From Season 8 because I felt like it, but now I realize they changed a lot so, well, at least at one point in time these credits were very acurate, but they might not be now, don't yell at me though if they're wrong, okay?

There's also DRUGS!!!!!, a poor excuse for a drug-parody themed site, but it's mine. Want to know more about Nybor, or hear her voice? Do you like Conan O'Brien? If yes, this is the place to go.

That is all, you may visit the pages you wish to visit now.

(Last updated 7/19/98)

The Mystic MSTie Age Guesser
The Main Quiz Page
My Story
Brief MST3K Definitions List
Some Sounds
Season 8 Credits Why? Why not?
DRUGS!!!!! (Nybor's Home Page)
Other MST Links and Rings

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