Definitions List for MST3K Online

Okay this is a rough draft indeed, but a soon to be definitions list of all the MSTie words you've been wondering about, well the ones online anyways. Which makes it mostly MUT3K words but hey! Who cares? Its still a definitions list which are still quite rare, so I hear.

Aadgka!: (n) 1. The main MST3K linkhouse on the web after Deus Ex Machina 2. A quote from "Amazing Colossal Man"

Deus Ex Machina: (n) The most famous MST3K link station

Flame: (n)(very important to know this one) A comment that was meant to insult someone/thing

MUT3K or Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: (n) The internet's version of MST3K where people riff laughable newsgroup messages.

MiSTing: (n) A newsgroup message that has been riffed; one of the "episodes" in MUT3K

MiST: (v) To create a MiSTing (also: MiSTify, MiSTable, MiSTafiable, MiSTied)

MSTie: (n) Duuh, a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (also: other lazy spellings of the same word)

MiSTer: (n) One who MiSTs

Newbie: (n) 1. One who is relatively new to being online 2. One who is relatively new to MST3K

Riff: (v) (Can you believe it? This word is not in the dictionary as what its suppossed to be) To make fun of; to do what the MST3K gang does with bad movies; to "dis"

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