Mystery Science Theater 3000:
Nope, I didnt invent Mystery Science Theater 3000 or any of its characters and I'm probably using their names illegally unless this disclaimer makes it all better. But Best Brains Inc. (the wonderful owners) are good people right? They won't sue me (I hope) :::nervous laugh::: Right? Oh yeah and my views are not necessarily shared with those of Best Brains Inc. That sounds official, yeah.

As for the Mystic MSTie Age Guesser, that's not copyrighted. Its just math or something like that. My Story and the quizzes along with everything else on that page, I wrote so you should probably ask me before you publish them somewhere else. The sounds and the picture on the MST page are public domain. The credits were copied from the show at the end of an episode.

On Links:
If you create any links to any of my sites I would appreciate it if you tell me first. Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance of someone linking their site to mine, I'd just like to know where I'm linked. But if you're shy and don't want to tell me that's okay too, I guess. Please don't bandwidth link my pictures and sounds though, okay?

As always, if there are any problems, (especially broken images, broken links, or spelling errors) or you want to tell me the good/bad job I'm doing, please email me.

Note about author:
It has been brought to my attention that although I continuously ask you to email me if there are any problems with my page, I am not the warmest of people with just casual conversation. If there is a technical problem with my page, I can guaruntee that I will fix it -- if you tell me about it. If you have a question about my page, I will more than likely answer it, although I will also more than likely take my own sweet time about it, too. Other than that, you're on your own, Boobie

Oh, the MSTieness!

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