Some Sounds

20men.wav Joel asks if you're high because he has the strength of 20 men.

gatehell.wav Crow asks the all-time question, what is it about the gates of hell that compells people to wander into them?

likface.wav I'll give you 3 seconds to stop licking my face! Count slow...

shutup!.wav Good ol' Joel: Shut up, just shut up, all of you, shut up!! (Great for chatrooms!)

mst1.wav Two in one! Gypsy's "I don't get you" and Tom's "Nobody does, I'm the wind, baby!"

naughty.wav A classic indeed, Dr. F is a naughty, naughty boy!

Oh, bite me, it's fun!

mstbite.wav Servo's reminder list when he's angry (See My Story)

franksez.wav Oh, bite me, it's fun!

crowsez.wav Bite me, it's fun.

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