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Hunter Chronicle


The Hunter Chronicle is based off of White Wolf Games books, though its story line has diverted from the White Wolf canon in several ways over the years. Victor Blandenburg created this chronicle over five years ago, early in the summer of ’98, and I have had the pleasure to story-tell a sizable portion of the games since then. The Hunter Chronicle follows the lives, both mundane and extraordinary, of a group of hunters who have dedicated their lives to keeping the supernatural world at bay in a dark, gothic, reflection of today’s world where vampires, werewolves, mages, ghosts and the rest of their ilk endanger the unknowing humans each day. The motivations for The Hunt vary from person to person of course; some for vengeance of a lost family, others in an attempt to let the still ignorant humans around them keep what little innocence they've yet to lose, still others just for the money. While the motivations may vary, the skill level does not. Each member of this elite team is there only because they’ve proven they possess the powers necessary to face creatures beyond the reckoning of any mortal and live to tell the tale. Some received this training from something as mundane as a black ops military background, others from a life dedicated to hunting these “monsters” in all their forms; perhaps the most frightening though are those hunters who share the blood of the monsters and turn to it for the power to destroy their own brethren. But, in any case and for any reason, this group of incredibly varied individuals stand alone against the creatures of the night that would see humanity on its knees and currying to their every whim. The hunters fight this fight in the back alleys, the sewers, empty forests, old mansions, and where ever else it comes to them, but always just outside the eyes of the normal world around them. The only question that remains is this: with this war having been fought for ages untold, is there really any chance this one group of hunters can do what no one else has been able to accomplish? Do they have it in them to end the supernatural threat once and for all? These questions haven’t been answered yet, but they fight on in hopes of finding out just where the fight will end.

In the past two years, the Hunter Chronicles have taken an interesting turn, mutating new “spin-offs” from the original chronicle. Some of these have lasted only a short time before returning to the ether from which they were spun, others are quickly becoming as much of a mainstay as the original chronicle has always been. Below are links related to the first chronicle as well as the many spin-off stories.


Heros & Heels

Hunter: The Renaissance

Hunter: The Next Generation

Reckoning: NYC based Chronicle

Reckoning: An LA Story

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