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Hunter: NYC

A Reckoning Cometh


In a World of Darkness where the monsters stalking the night have been stalked unopposed for time untold, there is little hope for the humans that don't even see them hiding in their very midst. Vampires stalk the cities and manipulate the people, feeding from the flock, killing where they like, and taking what they want from a populace helpless to do anything about it. Werewolves roam the streets, hiding their true nature until they feel the urge to kill or feed, striking from nowhere with deadly viciousness. There are other creatures the stalk the streets of New York and the world as well, though even more subtly than the vampires and werewolves; creatures that even those ‘in the know’ have yet to discover.

For time untold these beings of evil have stalked the night with little care of repercussions, but something, somewhere, has finally chosen to give the humans just that chance. Humans all over the planet, though few in number, are opening their eyes and seeing for themselves what they have been unknowingly subjected to for years, and they’re angry. There are few allies to be had in a war that the world at large doesn’t even know is raging just around the corner and barely out of sight. But, given their new powers, their new sight, and a great deal of luck and skill, these very humans will bring down a Reckoning upon the evils that have help sway for far too long, perhaps making the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of their race’s very freedom.