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Heros & Heels


Victor "Syphon" van Fleet: The reason the Hunter team even exists. "Syphon" funds the Team and provides them with all the information they need to get the job done. While arguable the most powerful hunter still active, he is content to manage his vast wealth and employ those of great skill to continue towards his life's dream; a world without supernatural threat.

Julian "Surge" Williams: The epitome of the word 'hunter'; Surge eats, sleeps, and breaths the hunt.

Jack Watson: The second most experienced member of the team.

Johnny Annabelle Walker: One of the original hunters, now retired from the hunt and divorced from Surge.

Svetlana "Sveta" Ilyanovich Umanskya: A Russian Mafia daughter in voluntary exile from her homeland.

Vasily Roshenko: An ex-Russian Mafia bodyguard with ties to the world of werewolves.

William "Billy" Henry: The newest and most mysterious member of the Hunter Team

Agent John Smith: "Smith" was once an FBI agent and secret mole for the DC Kindred until they decided he'd out lived his usefulness. Rescued from certain death at the last minute, he has worked for Syphon since.

Maya Thompson: A Ronin werewolf who has hunted with the team on and off since she saved Johnnie a couple years back. She now spends most of her time with her husband and surogate pack.

Ryan "River" Smith-Willams: River has had a traumatic youth, but it has improved drasticly since she met the Hunter Team and married Surge, not to mention being reunited with her father, Agent John Smith.

Vanessa Williams: A Toreador of the weakest generation. This is Surge's mother and Jack's wife...

Lisa "Scarlet" Drake: Scarlet is a werewolf of the Shadow Lord tribe. She's hunted with the team longer than anyone else except for Surge. She is infact the only member of Surge's former team still alive.

Sean "Pyro" McCellan: The most powerful pyrokinetic in the world and a student of Syphon's since losing his family at age 8. His name and mask are feared by Kindred around the world, but not a one could tell you what his hair color is, and that's just the way he likes it.

Elky: An imortal closly associated with Syphon and agent of the NSA. She aids the Team on from time to time.

Simon: A high inquisitor who acts as a bridge between Syphon's people and the Vatican hunters. A former Team member himself, he is trusted impicitly where most "outsiders" aren't.

Misha Takaneda: A hunter formerly of the Japanese SF0, Misha's genetics were altered before she even left the womb, combining jungle cat DNA with her own. This fushion has made her faster and stronger than any human alive, though it has had some unexpected effects on her brain chemistry as well.


Raymond Richard Dean: An crazed and embittered hunter intent on the deaths of Surge and Jack.

Theo Bell: A powerful Brujah Archon who keeps an watchful eye on the activity of the Hunter Team in hopes of minimizing their activity.

Devon Soren Pierson: A mysterious and enigmatic elder that remains a complete wild card to the Hunter Team. No one is quite sure what he wants or even if he's their enemy.

Camilla: An elder Tzimisce with blatantly malicious designs on the team. She's already permanently marked two of the members, what damage will she inflict upon her eventual return?

Calebros, Prince of New York : The prince of New York and several time adversary of the Hunter Team.

Marcus Vitel: Formerly the undisputed prince of Wahsington DC, now his whereabouts are a toral mystery to all but the Hunter Team.

Peter Dorphman: As Pontifex of the Tremere Clan for the entirety of the East Coast, Dorphman was easily the second most powerful vampire in DC. Now that he is Prince of DC he may be the most politicaly powerful vampire in the world.

Duke & Trey: A pair of Brujah now residing in Arizona. Duke was once a top priority on the dreaded Kindred "Red List", though he has faded into anonimity since escaping a full attack from the Team unscathed.