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The Next Generation


Hunter Team Alpha was the terror of the supernatural world for over a decade, but all things change. Most thought an ancient kindred who had known the dawn of human civilization or a demon the likes of which the earth had never seen before would spell the end of this legendary force that held back the evils of the night against all odds. Who ever though the unspeakable force that would finally stop the legend would be parenthood? Sure enough though, in the year 2000, after saving the world from certain destruction upon Cain’s attempted return to earth, the first of the children was born, and then came the next, and the next. Finally, after just a few short years five children had been born. The story of Hunter Team Alpha has been told, they’re now a part of legend itself. Now comes the story of their namesakes, and it’s bound to be staggering if they’ve inherited anything from their parents. Each of these children holds amazing latent power within their very veins. Like the demigod children of Greek myth, their very lineage calls out to them for great deeds and greater power. Can each of them overcome the demons this same lineage brings to them though? Since they hold the future of The Hunt within them, we all hope so, for the world’s sake. If not, humanity may finally lose its edge in the war against The Night.