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The Renaissance


For hundreds of years before the near epic actions of Hunter Team Alpha, lead by the legendary Julian “Surge” Williams, brave souls of all kinds fought against the terror of the night on their own terms. In 1524 one such group began its trek to prominence, uniting under difficult circumstances. With no common link other than the deep seeded determination each held deep within their breast, they united to keep the evils of the night from washing unabated over the unsuspecting masses of humanity. What unspeakable evils they will have to contend with is yet to be known, but one thing is for sure, it will be a pitched and desperate struggle with the odds forever against their success. The night has always enjoyed a multiple millennia advantage; its roots stretching to the beginning of recorded history. While the hunters may pass the torch each generation, the mass of evil remaining just beyond the sunset has always remained a constant seething evil, capable of healing from even the direst strikes against it. Though this newest group of hopefuls may well continue to hold the night a bay, protecting their mortal friends and allies from the unknown threat, what chance do they really have of ending the threat once and for all? Isn’t this simply one more struggle that can accomplish a draw at best or rend your very soul at worst? Why would anyone take such a cross upon their soldiers? The answer is simple and always the same: “because someone must!”