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~*~*~*~*~My Poems~*~*~*~*~

"Fire of Agape"
As the pager rings out the call of need.
The call to duty I shall heed.

I call upon you God to watch over us as we race to fight the evil one.
I pledge to be strong till the job is done.

I see the smoke, the flames are high.
Bless us Lord, that no one shall die.

Here I am surrounded by fire and smoke to thick too see.
Oh Lord guide me to the missing child, he is relying on me.

My strength is fading, but I have faith in the thee.
You have shown the way, a tiny body is among the debris.

Now, as I carry this tiny body to waiting arms today.
Keep us both out of harms way.

Our families are waiting for this child and me.
So Oh Lord, our fate is all up to thee.

Thank you Lord, for your blessings this day.
Our job is done and we will be on our way.

On this day my prayers have been filled.
Everyone is out, and no one was killed.

My Fellow Firefighters and I are on our way to our homes.
To ride again, when we hear the tones.

By: Julie Johnson
Thank You, Charles for this poems title

The Volunteers

The tones break the silence of the night.
The dispatcher tells of a house fire at 1200 Albright.

The Volunteers scrabble to get dress.
Their minds race , who lives at that address.

The Volunteers at the station house, helmet and bunker gear adorn.
They climbs in to Big Yellow, Unit number 604.

Lights and Siren, they race to the family in need.
They call to God, let there be no deaths, they plead.

The house is fully involved, the whole thing is ablaze.
The family is out, all they can do is gaze.

The Volunteers work fast and hard to safe the rest.
All their training and skills done to their best.

The Volunteers fight the fire till it is out.
They worked hard to win the bout.

The Volunteers gather up to leave, to fight again someday.
They do it for life's to save! you see, they get no pay.

They would do it for you in time of need.
The Volunteers just call it a good deed.

The Volunteers of small town USA.
Fight hard for life and home, with out the pay.

So when you see your Home Town Volunteer in church and school, or such.
Shake their hand and say, Thank you so very much.

By:Julie Johnson

My Angel was There

I remember now as I tell you of the last call.
How the floor gave way and I began to fall.

I opened my eyes to find an Angel standing over me.
A light so bright it was hard to see.

As she spoke her voice was like a song.
I knew then that something went wrong.

She held out her hand for me to take.
I told her that there must be some mistake.

I told her I could not leave my wife and children behind.
I have to stay and help mankind.

When my strength and will began to drain.
She opened up her wings to shed me from the pain.

She stayed there and protected me threw the night.
Till help arrived and things were all right.

I remember now how she held me in her arms.
That is when she told me I would stay for more alarms.

I knew that I need not fear death that night.
That she was there and soon things would be right.

I knew that I was going to see my family and friends again.
Thank You Lord for sending me the Angel that night, amen.

BY: Julie Johnson

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