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If you read our Personal history page before coming to this page you know my love for Dalmations. I would have 101 if I did not have to clean up the pooo!!!! I am a animal lover from the word go. My husband always says if we lived on a farm I would have wall to wall animals. As it is now we have 4 dogs and 4 cats. At one time we had 5 goats and 16 rabbits in the back yard. (We live in a small town you can get away with it!!!!!!!). Oh I forgot we had a pig at one time( they are cleaner than you think-if you clean up the poooo-just like the dogs *Smile*); Miss July was her name. Named that because that was when she was going to be ready for market. This pig was so small when we got her and it was the dead of winter,so she slept in the bed with my daughter. ( I know what your thinking!! what kind of back woods kicks are these people). Well my daughter fell in love so she (the pig) never made it to the market. I know this has nothing to do with medical but I wanted to throw that in for fun!!!!!!!<
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