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The flag drapes the casket of today's fallen hero.
While back at Station Two, the sprit's are low.
His wife and children stand by his side for one last time.
No one can believe that he was cut down in his prime.
His Chief tells of stories of how he was one of the best.
His fellow firefighters remember how he would never give less.
They all knew that family needed him that that night.
He fought the beast, bravely with all his might.
Just as times before, they worked hard to win the bout.
They never knew that one of their own would never make it out.
His daughter holds her brother hand and ask "why did daddy have to leave".
He tells her how the firefighter Angels needed him, he so heartly believes.
Even tho there are no fires in heaven to fight.
His wife knows what ever GOD needed him for, he will do it with all his might.
Everyone leaves this place to head home today but one.
They all know his is with the heavenly father and the son.
When one of our hero's are called home to heaven.
Remember that their call to God's duty has been proven.
BY: Julie Johnson

A Message from Heaven

My beautiful wife ďdry your eyes and cry nevermoreĒ.
You know Iím not going to walk threw that door.
When you are sad and want to cry.
Because we never had the chance to say goodbye.
Shut your eyes and listen real close.
I will be there among all the shadows.
Iím there with you day and night.
I will watch over you from heaven till we reunite.
I hear you, when you tell me you are lonely and frighten.
Just take one day at a time, things will soon brighten.
You must be brave and strong for the children.
Tell them how I became one of the chosen.
Let them know that my work on earth was done.
How Iím in heaven with the Father and the Son.
Tell them to smile when they remember my face.
And how we will all walk together again someday in this place.
I want you to know Iím at peace.
So my dear wife, get up off your knees.
God and I have heard your payers.
Time to rise and wipe your tears.
Leave my grave to grief no more.
Next time we meet will be at heavenís door.
BY: Julie Johnson

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