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lightbar We were members of the Hart Vol. Fire Dept. From 1994 till Aug 1998 They had 25 firefighters on the Dept., 8 of which are EMT's. Hart, a town of 1221 is located in the Texas Panhandle. they have a Bean high-pressure 4 wheel dirve unit for wild land fires, a 1993 FMC 1000 GPM Pumper, a 1965 Ford 500 GPM Pumper, a 1992 Ford F350 crew cab utility bed Rescue Truck.

I'm (JULIE) currently on the Abernathy Fire Department. We have 30 active members. (I'm the only female once again) I join after we moved to Abernathy in Aug 1998 (Due to Wayne taking the Chief of Police postion)
List of our Equipment

BOOSTER 1 IS A Red F60 "86" 850 Gal. This truck was bought from Fronter Seed.
BOOSTER 2 Is curently white and under the process of being panted Red, C-130 "76" 300 Gal. This truck was at one time a Bur truck. It was completely built by Fire Dept. Members into the truck it is to day. This truck was bought from the Forest Service.
BOOSTER 3 Is a Red C-65 "73" 1000 Gal. This truck was also completely built by members. (matter of fact I have been told this truck as been bult 3 times! This truck was bought from the Forest Service also.
BOOSTER 4 Is a Red Duce & 1/2 "88" 1000 Gal. This truck again was built by members, and bought from the Forest Service.
We have a MACK "82" 5000 Gal. It is Red and was painted by members of the Fire Dept.
Engine 1 Is Red F-800 system "96" This truck was bought by the City and is mainly used for in town run's and is only taken to county run's in secial cases.
Engine 2 Is Yellow and a C-65 "77" I have not been able to get any info on this truck as of yet.
Our Rescue Truck is a C-30 "76" We carry the JAWS on this truck. It is equipped with RAM, Lights, 2 Porta Power, 2 300 Gal portable tanks, Generators, Exhaust Fans, ladders, cords, and so forth

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