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Prior Military, 21 yrs Firefighter/Rescue Firefighter/ I started fighting fires at the tender age of 17. I actually wanted to be a Police Officer, but at 17 you cant be a cop in Texas. So I did the next best thing and joined the local Vol. Fire Department. In my case it was the Taft Volunteer Fire Department, Taft, Texas. It was then that I got really hooked on fighting fires. Four months later I saw my first fire fatality and had to really think about going on. But I did. I joined the U.S. Air Force two years later and became a Security Policeman, but could not get away from the Fire Service. I joined a Vol Fire Dept when I got to my first base. That started a tradition of sorts, whenever I was transfered I would join the fire dept in that area. Thus I have been a member of 5 Vol Fire Departments in my life. Of my hobbies, collecting Fire Fighting memorabilia, and building scale models of Emergency Vehicles (101 models in the collection so far) are my most enjoyable. I am a dedicated firefighter/rescueman, but due to my repsonsablity as as the Chief of Police I am not able to be on the Fire Dept. I guess you can say I have turn my firefighting helmet over to my wife, She is the firefighter in the family now.



5 yrs as a Firefighter and Medic. I'm currently the only female on our Hometown Fire Dept. It is really funny how I got into Firefighting. I really owe it all to my Husband Wayne, as he is the one that got me started. At first I thought I would not be able to stand lisening to him talking on and on and on about firefighting and such. I have had to listen to it since we started going together in 1989. I also had to put up with his models and memorabilia all over the house for so long. I also suffered thru the trips to fire museums. All this without ever knowing that one day I would be just as bad (or even worse hahah). It was not until we moved to Hart and he joined the Fire Dept that I even thought of it. But one day I thought what the heck and talked to Wayne about it. He did not miss a heartbeat before he said "Great, the meeting is tonight so you can join then!!" The guys were not even amused with the idea, but with Waynes encouragement and with loving help I put up with all the bull that the other guys gave me. Wayne explained to me that part of it was because I was a rookie (or as he always said a Proby, [Probationary Firefighter]) and it was just part of the learning process. The guys have to learn how you will react and take things. I stuck it thru but did a lot of crying on Wayne's shoulder during that time. Then we had a major structure fire. I jumped in on an 1 1/2" hose line beside Wayne and started fighting my first really big fire. Wayne was up close to the building (which is his way, he is a very aggresive firefighter) I could not stand the heat as well as he could, but I was there. Then all of a sudden things started exploding inside! I shut down my hose and ran like hell along with all the other guys. I look back and what do I see? Wayne is still at the door shooting water like nothing is going on. I could have KILLED him!! (and let him know about after we were back at the station) Here I was thinking that the man of my life, the one I love with all my heart is going to get his dumb butt killed!!! He was the only one at the building and the look on his face was pure pleasure. Damn he loves the Fire Dept., sometimes I think more than me. Anyway, the rest of us returned to the Fire and started putting it out. The building was fully envolved when we got there so it was totally an external attack. We finnaly brought it under control. That was when the rest of the guys started coming up to me and telling me that they would fight fires beside me anytime. I was on cloud nine the rest of the night. That was the turning point. I am now fully accepted as an equal and have no more problems with any of the guys. That was my first Fire Dept in Hart, TX. In late Aug. we move to Abernathy, TX. and I have become the only female on the Fire Dept. here. I love being a Firefighter and EMT. I have finished my class to become a Paramedic, and now I have to take the state test to become a Paramedic. All of my work is vol. I do not work on any Emergeny Service. All of the services in Abernathy is Vol. I like to collect firefighting memorabilia and Dalmation dogs figures. I also like to trade fire/medical patches(if you trade let me know).I have a scrap book that I keep of our calls and of things of interest. If there are any ladies out there that has been thinking of getting into Firefighting I say "Go For it" I did and love it now. I love going to the fire museums now and understand what Wayne is telling me about the things now. I may not love it as much or as deep as Wayne does, but I am catching up to him fast!!!! I never thought at the age of 35 that I would have become a Firefighter/EMT. Now five years later I wish I had had the opportunity to have done it sooner. BUT do not let age stop you, I plan on being right there with the rest for a long time to come.

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We have three Dalmatian dogs, Lacy (female 7yrs old), Smokie (male 2yrs Old) and Rocky (male 8 months). Lacy was our second Dalmatian, she is a very loving and devoted member of the family, she is very protective of the kids and the property. She is larger than most female Dalmatians, and very strong. She has been large ever since she was a pup. Smokie, our third Dalmatian is a character! He loves to jump and can jump as high as a four foot fince. His favorite thing to do is to jump up and look into the kitchen window at us. It is so funny watching him pop up and then bark at us! Rocky the son of Smokie and Lacy, was the runt of the litter. Julie literally breathed life into him and got him started in his life. She had to hand feed him. Even though he is small he would fight to get to mom to feed, being pushed away by the other pups. That is why Julie named him Rocky. He is a fighter. He is her baby and she has taught him to demonstrate the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" We call it Stop, Drop and Roll Rocky style!!

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The kids at the Elementary School loved it during our receint Fire Prevention Week demonstration. Wayne got me started on Damatians (he has started me on a lot of stuff it seems!!) He had a male Damatian Smokie (now known as Smokie the First) that he had years before we met. He lost him to Diabetes (yes they get it just like Humans) after having him for 10 yrs. Our very first Dalmatian was Dexter (a liver Dalmatian) that we got when he was full grown. He had been abused and abandoned by a number of families. He was the most loving animal we have ever known. He loved Pepsi Cola and every time we went thru the Drive up of any fast food place he would beg and beg until we got him a Pepsi. Not Coke or any thing else, just PEPSI! We lost him to an unknown condition (the vet had no idea what happened) where he literally wasted away. We finally gave up and put him to sleep. We really miss him. He was such a loving animal. God we miss him!! Now, we have one more member of the house that has nothing to do with firefighting. But he is just like a kid to us. He is a Chihuahua that does not look like nor act like any you have ever seen. He is short and stocky, not skinny like the rest. He is tan and one hell of a lover. He has the longest and fastes tongue in the West. He will get up on you and before you know it he has kissed you 12 times. and even kissed you in the ear. It feels like he has shoved his tongue right thru your brain!!!!!! His name is Concho (we sometimes call him Fuzzy Butt) he sleeps with us and goes almost every where with us. We have to carry his small bed with us when he rides along. He thinks he has to have his special spot right between us.
We also have 4 cats. Which all seem to know I'm a animal rescuer. All but one came up to our house as starving kittens. The first of the bunch is named Bandit, cause she stole our hearts. She was so small when we found her she could walk threw the hole in the chain link fence with out touching the side of it. She was so young that she did not know how to drink from a bowl, so we had to use a dropper and feed her. Now she is a beautiful long haired cat. She is Wayne's cat now. She only gets up in his lap for petting, and in a blue moon she will mine. Then we was adopted by a black kitten, which we call Gato Tomas ( Tom Cat in spanish). He now is a biGGGGGGGG cat. He weighs 22lbs. He is my cat. I some time wonder if he has dog in him because he follows me around the house where ever I go. It is a game to him to beat me to the next room. I have fun starting off and then changing direction on him. He lets me know right away that is not cool!!!! He will grab me by the leg and claw at me. We then was adopted by a gray tappy we call Little Bit. He is the most unsocial cat in the world. He only like our 3rd son Ryan. He will only go to him for affection. Ryan thinks he can talk to this cat (should see Ryan meow at the cat and the cat meowing back). The the last of the four is Lucky. we found her at the fire Station. She is named that because she is lucky Wayne did not find her in the house until we had time to calm him down after we told him we had another cat!!!! She is Ashley's cat and is a devil cat from h-e-l-l. She thinks climbing up the curtains running across the curtain rod bouncing off the TV and running down the couch flying threw the air and onto the chair is FUN!! We never know what kind of mess we will find when we come home after leaving her alone. She is LUCKY that I do not throw her out the door. (the sweet little darling!!). Well I have rescue more cats but I have not kept any (I think I would have to move out if I did)


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