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Frieza Saga

Goku, Gohan, and Krillin are rushed to the hospital. Goku has some serious injuries and is put in several layers of bandages. Gohan and Krillin are not seriously hurt. Bulma Gohan and Krillin want to go to Namek to get the Namek Dragon Balls, to restore their friends, because the earth's Dragon Balls won't work because they die when Kami dies and Kami dies when Piccolo died in the battle with Nappa. Bulma plans to get to Namek on Nappa's space pod but she accidently destroys it with the remote control. Mr. Popo tells Bulma that they can use Kami's space ship, but he has to teach her how to speak Namek. Gohan Krillin and Bulma head to Namek, and there they find Vegeta and the evil Frieza. Frieza and Vegeta are looking for the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Vegeta battles and defeats Frieza's henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria. Vegeta learns that Frieza who had been using the Saiyjins to conquer planets for years, destroyed planet Vegeta and all of the Saiyjins wiht it because he feared that they would kill him. Krillin and Gohan go to meet Guru the eldest Namek. He awakens the true power within them. They also meat a young Namek named Dende. Frieza calls in the Ginyu Force, 5 fighters all with a power level higher than Vegeta's. They almost kill Vegeta Krillin and Gohan but Goku, who was better and had been training on a space ship, made by Bulmas dad, on the way to Namek. Goku defeats the Ginyu Force except for Cpt. Ginyu who switches bodies with Goku, then he is ready to switch bodies with Vegeta but Goku throws a frog in the middle of the transformation and everyone is in their normal body, except for Cpt. Ginyu who is in the body of a frog. Goku is badly hurt so Vegeta puts him in a regeneration tank. Vegeta and Frieza don't know the required password to the Dragon Balls so they can't wish for immortality but Dende does and they wish piccolo back so the earth's Dragon Balls come back. Then they wish for Piccolo to come back to Namek. But Guru dies before they can make their 3rd wish. The third wish was made by Vegeta because he threatened to kill Krillin and Gohan. Vegeta was about to go back to threatning to kill Krillin and Gohan when Frieza arrives, very pissed off. Vegeta who was looking for a challenge told Frieza that they wanted to fight him transformed. At this time Piccolo merged with Nail, a namek that protected Guru. Piccolo arrived at the battle ground and fought with Frieza. Frieza decided to make his final transformation. The four fighters can not hold Frieza off for long. Vegeta is killed by Frieza. Suddenly when everything looks down Goku arrives in perfect condition. Frieza kills Dende in one blast to show Goku how powerful he is. It was rumored that Goku is a Super Saiyjin, but even if he is Goku is still having a hard time with Frieza. Goku uses Kaioken times 26 but Frieza is still easily beeting him. Cpt. Ginyu tries to switch bodies with bulma, then he does it again with piccolo but they get him back into the frog. Frieza suddenly decides to kill Krillin and does in one blast, just like Dende. Just as all looks down Goku's body suddenly changes. His hair turns gold, he transformes into a Super Siayjin. As a Super Siayjin Goku can