These are our down loads

File Name File Description size
Gotrva's prog
Gotrva's prog it is a prog with a idler, fader, and other things

(note: u can get the password for the secret area by e-mailing me a good comment, a good and new suggestion, or a bug!) its a 7/10

261 kb
This is a bunch of icons, some of them are good, its about a 5/10 23 kb
Gotrva's fader
this is a fader, its about a 3/10, download dis if u want a really bad fader 7 kb
This is the scouter 2, the first one had a virus, so it is gone, this has a super simmer, fader, and other things its a 8/10 94 kb
-a little think dat keeps all ads from showing up, 9/10 try it 629 kb
winamp skins
a winamp skin 5 kb
winamp skins2
a winamp skin 5 kb
winamp skins3
a winamp skin 5 kb
winamp skins4
a winamp skin 62 kb
winamp skins5
a winamp skin 97 kb
Gotrva's Browser
a browser, its pretty kewl, but could use a little better layout, its a 7/10 8 kb
There are more to come!!! If u have a download that is not a emutaler or a game played with a emulater the e-mail it to us at kewl229