These are the interviews, see what other peeps have said about this site

 Kewl229:	 hey 
 Kirllin:	 Hey 
 Kewl229:	 so, have you been to gotrva? 
 Kewl229:	 gotrva's domain* 
 Kirllin:	 Yeah 
 Kewl229:	 have you seen the lastest updates? 
 Kirllin:	 Yea kinda 
 Kewl229:	 well, what do u think? 
 Kirllin:	 1-10 id say 8 1/2 
 Kirllin:	 Plus i think the progs are              nice developement 
 Kewl229:	 ok, what would make gotrva a 10? 
 Kirllin:	 Id say more orignality i mean ive seen some of those pics on lots of sites 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 what do u mean my orgnality? 
 Kewl229:	 like stuff dat now one else has 
 Kirllin:	 Yeah 
 Kewl229:	 and pics made not taken 
 Kewl229:	 what would u like to see on webpages? 
 Kirllin:	 alot of programs made by the runners 
 Kewl229:	 when u say runners, what do u mean? 
 Kewl229:	 like the webmasters? 
 Kirllin:	 The Webmasters or ppl that work at the site 
 Kewl229:	 what else? 
 Kirllin:	 Well..i liek the layout and i think it's a great and easy to use menu - navigation 
 Kewl229:	 ok, is there anything else u would like to see in gotrva or other websites? 
 Kirllin:	 Well me personaily i like MultiMedia.. and the more the better..when i entered Gotrva i went right to Media and downloads 
 Kewl229:	 ok, were u happy with what you found? 
 Kirllin:	 yes. there plenty to download and i actully went back there to get the stuff i had before i formated my C:| 
 Kewl229:	 ok, is there anything else that u want to see on the multimeadia 
 Kirllin:	 well..i like video games..but i think            a didgital pet would be great 
 Kewl229:	 ok, anything else to say? 
 Kirllin:	 No i tihnk thats all 
 Kewl229:	 ok, thanks for your time 
 Kirllin:	 No problem 

 LiQuiDAniMe:	 interview away 
 Kewl229:	 k 
 Kewl229:	 have u been to gotrva's domain? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 no 
 Kewl229:	 well, check it out gotrva's domain 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 got any music videos? 
 Kewl229:	 nope 
 Kewl229:	 what do u think? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 full episodes? 
 Kewl229:	 nope 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 it's pretty good 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 I have some music videos you can use 
 Kewl229:	 full epis are aginst the law 
 Kewl229:	 ok, send away 
 Kewl229:	 so, what would u rate it? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 9 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 but that's because I haven't looked around yet 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 I'll send some music videos later, they are pretty big and I'm busy 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 well, what can make gotrva a ten? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 get some music videos 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 other than that, it's great 
 Kewl229:	 ok, what would u like to see on websites? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 I would like to see easy to find links to what I am looking for 
 Kewl229:	 ok, what about gotrva? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 news on dbz 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 like when cartoon network will show new shows and stuff 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 anything else? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 let me think 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 a family tree 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 is that all? 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 well, every now and then I hear rumors in chat rooms, it would be nice to see a section that tells the facts about episodes 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 anything else?
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 that's about it 
 Kewl229:	 ok, thanks for your time 
 LiQuiDAniMe:	 no prob 

 DEVIL6874:	 hey 
 Kewl229:	 hey 
 Kewl229:	 have u been to gotrva's domain? 
 DEVIL6874:	 yes, but i busted my computer, and lost all my favorites.
 Kewl229:	 really> 
 Kewl229:	 really?* 
 Kewl229:	 when did u go to it? 
 DEVIL6874:	 yea.. it is really bugging me, i only have 5 favorites now. 
 DEVIL6874:	 about 2 weeks ago 
 Kewl229:	 oh, would u go back if the layout changed? 
 DEVIL6874:	 Yea, i'd go back now if i had the URL -.- i lost the URL 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 the url is 
 DEVIL6874:	 thank you 
 Kewl229:	 welcome 
 DEVIL6874:	 when i go there it doesnt take me to your site, is it down? 
 DEVIL6874:	 nevermind, i fixed it 
 Kewl229:	 k 
 DEVIL6874:	 can i be interviewed?  
 Kewl229:	 u are being interviewed 
 Kewl229:	 so, what would u rate the site now? 
 DEVIL6874:	 I think its pretty good. 
 Kewl229:	 what would u rate it 1-10? 
 DEVIL6874:	 oh, i'd say a 8.5 
 Kewl229:	 what can be done to make it a 10? 
 DEVIL6874:	 a little bit more info. Also, the first few questions of the quiz dont work 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 like what kind of info? 
 DEVIL6874:	 Well, DB/Z/GT info, like about characters that are non-main. Like Maron, Marron, characters like that. 
 Kewl229:	 oh ok 
 Kewl229:	 well, what would u like to see on webpages? 
 DEVIL6874:	 Thats a tough one. I say most web pages have either too much info or too much multimedia. I think webmasters should try and make their site evenly balanced. 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 what would u like to see on gotrva? 
 DEVIL6874:	 some more bios. 
 Kewl229:	 ok 
 Kewl229:	 anything else? 
 DEVIL6874:	 Your layout looks really nice, and your site is pretty good.  
 Kewl229:	 ok, thanks 
 Kewl229:	 is that all 
 DEVIL6874:	 yes, keep up the good work! thanks for interviewing me as well. ^_^ 
 Kewl229:	 thanks for your time 
 DEVIL6874:	 anytime. 

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