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Dragon Ball GE : Goku and Brolly a Saiya-Jin Team!!?

Chapter One:
It was a peaceful day on Earth, the Z-Senshi were having a picnic.... 

Goku:" Gohan catch". Goku threw the ball at Gohan at a very fast speed. 

Gohan:".......uhh,ahhhhhr". Gohan got hit on the head and fell to the ground. 

Chichi:" GOKU!! What have you done to my Gohan!!?" 

Goku:" ohh nothing Chichi we are just playing... Hey Gohan you have to pay more attention." 

Gohan:" HAI!!" 

Goku:" Buruma where is Vegita..?" 

Bururma:" He is in the house training like always he could never spent some time with his friends, that Vegita" 

CTrunks:" Father doesn't have any friends, he just likes training thats all" 

Goku:" ohh well....." 

They all started laughing but all of the sudden Piccolo came in and he was very serious about something.. 

Piccolo:"Son, I feel an evil presence on the planet" 

Goku:"......yea......I feel it" 

Gohan:"Father what is it?" 

Goku:" can't be......!!!" 

Piccolo:"That persons KI is extremely powerful...." 

Meanwhile Vegita sensed the powerful KI while he was training at 500X gravity at Buruma's house. He then took his Saiya-Jin Armor and put it on as fast as possible.. 

Goku:"Kuririn take Chichi and Buruma to Kami's Palace they will be safe there, in the meantime me and the others will go to the source of this power." 

Goku:"Ok everyone hold on to my shoulder so I could teleport all of us to the source of the KI" 

Goku and the rest of the gang teleported to where this evil power was felt. they weren't prepared to what was about to happen next..... 


Piccolo:"..It can't be!!" 

Gohan:" Not again!! how....?" 

??????:" .....Kakarotto we meet again....." 

Goku:" ..Bro....lly!!!" 

Brolly had just finished destroying a city there and the warriors knew that this fight was going to be a long and hard one. 

Goku:"Brolly stop doing this and you will suffer!!" 


Goku:"well at least he remembers my name = " 

Brolly:" KAKAROTTOO!!!!" 

Brolly then charged up to SSJ and charged at Goku with a punch wich he easily dodged. 

Goku:"He is still the same stupid Brolly" 

Brolly then charged up to SSJ 2 as he knew Goku was way stronger than before. Goku and the others went to SSJ and split up. 

Brolly:"I'm way too stronger for you Kakarotto.." 

Brolly went to Goku and punched him on the face and continued with combos to the face and body and blasted him on the face. Goku went down to normal. 

Goku:"it...can't be.." ( fainted ) 

Gohan:"MASEN KOU!!" Goten:"KAMEHAMEHA!!" 

Brolly was hit on back by the two beams and was thrown to the ground. 

Goten:" HA HA HA!" 

CTrunks:" Let me show him what i got now" 

He then charged at Brolly but he was ready for the small Saiya Jin. 


CTrunks got hit head on by the beam and was thrown to a building. 

Goten:" TRUNKS KUN!! 

Piccolo:" Makanko sappo!" 

Brolly countered with his own beam!. 


The two were trading shots, Brolly powered up all his power and his beam overcame Piccolo's. 

Gohan:" PICOOLO SAN!!" 

Gohan's rage went up sky high and he went SSJ 2. 

Gohan:" KA...ME...HA....ME.....HAA!!!" 

The beam went straight to Brolly and he dodged it but to his surprise Gohan was right behind it. Gohan started with a punch on the stomach and then a flurry of kicks to the face and ended with a Masenkou. 

Brolly:" Damn you boy!!" 

Brolly gathered all his power and went to SSJ 3 and fired a beam at the surprised Gohan. 

Gohan:" NO...!!" 

The beam hit Gohan on the stomach and got him unconcious. 

Brolly:" HA HA HA, I am unstopable!!" 


Brolly was cought off guard and was hit in the back and was sent to some buildings. Brolly looked up and saw SSJ 3 Goku standing in the air. 

Goku:"You have to stop this now or you will die" 


Brolly charged at Goku and threw a punch at him, Goku easily blocked it and they started throwing punches at each other but they both miss because they have the same power level. Goku then teleported behind Brolly and fired an Energy Dan and hit Brolly. 

Brolly:" Kakarotto, do you think this is my real power?, Well you haven't seen the true power of the LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYA JIN!!" 

Brolly started forming one of those "Fake Moons". Everyone knew what he was trying to do. 


Piccolo:" Son don't let him turn into that big monkey!" 

But it was too late Brolly already went through the prosses and changed to Oozuru. 

Brolly: AARRGGHHH!" 

Brolly can control this form like Vegita and was heading towards Goku fast. 

Brolly:" Hahhaha Kakarotto you think you can take me now,I really think it will be useless" 


Gohan:" Father what should we do, he keeps getting stronger while we keep getting weaker" 

Brolly then towards Chibi Trunks charging a fireball in his mouth. Trunks was very scared and he shut his eyes and put his hands forward waiting for Brolly, But a figure appeared infront of Trunks and blasted Brolly away with a very powerful blast. 

Brolly:" Ahh What the hell was that!" 

????:" I won't let you do the same damage that you did to my world, Brolly" 

Goku:" That KI!" 

Piccolo and Gohan:" Trunks!!" 

CTrunks:" yes?" 

Gohan:" Not you, is future Trunks!!" 

FTrunks:" Hi Son Gohan" 

Goku:" What are you doing here?" 

FTrunnks:.....first let me take care of the problem..." 

Future Trunks teleported behind Brolly, grabed him by the shoulder and they both disappeared. 

Goku" WHAT!?" 

Piccolo:" What is he thinking?" 

Everybody is very still waiting for something to happen. Then Trunks comes back to the samw spot that Brolly was. 

Goku:" Trunks where is Brolly?" 

FTrunks:" I teleported him to another galaxy, he is too powerful for us to fight now" 

Goku:"I didn't know you know how to teleport" 

FTrunks:" The Goku in my world though me the this technique, he said it was going to be useful, and it is" 

Goku:" ohh I have that much time in your world to be teaching techniques? WOW thats great!" 

Gohan:" HAHA, father is true you never teach me anything" 

FTrunks:" OK lets talk about why i'm here, I know you guys want to know why Brolly is here do you?" 

Goku:" Yes" 

FTrunks:"Well he is the Brolly from my world, he is very strong, and since you died before you got to fight him thats why he is still alive." 

Goku:" ohh that explains it" 

Piccolo" But how come he is stronger?" 

Ftrunks:" I don't know" 

Goku:" so what you teleported him to another galaxy?" 

FTrunks:" So we could have time to train, Brolly doesn't know how to teleport but he can fly in outerspace so it will take him some good time to reach us again" 

Goku:" Wow how come I didn't think of that" 

CTrunks:" You know who this guy is Goten,they call him trunks too" 

Goten:" I don't know" 

Gohan:" ohh Chibi Trunks this here is you but from the future, ins't that great?" 

CTrunks:" WHA, thats me? 

Goku:" Yea thats adult you" 

CTrunks: (whispers to Goten)" well he looks like a girl with that long hair" 

Goten:" He looks cool with that zword!!" 

Ftrunks:" well let us start our training as soon as possible, ohh and son Goku, where is my father?" 

Goku:" I think he is over at Buruma's place training" 

From out of nowhere Goku hears a voice. 

????:"Goku, Goku, we need to talk!" 

Goku:" ohh Kaio Sama!" 

Kaio:"Goku you most go now to Kami sama's palace and train in the Room of Spirit and Time, you must be more powerful so that you could defeat Brolly!" 

Goku:" umm ok kaio sama I will don't worry" 

Kaio:Thanks Goku and good luck" 


FTrunks:" Goku I will go train with my father so you and the rest train where you pleased" 

Goku:" Ok, Gohan lets go I will teach you some new moves" 

Gohan:" GREAT!" 

Future Trunks went to train with Vegita while the rest of the gang went to train in Kami sama's palace.Meanwhile in Buruma's house Vegita is training at 400X gravity. 

FTrunks:" Father, where are you?" 

Dr.Briefs:" Hello? ohh is that Trunks from the future,how are you?" 

FTrunks:"ohh Hi Dr.Briefs hows your wife?" 

Dr.Briefs:" ohh she is doing fine,she taking care of the animals right now" 

FTrunks:"Well thats just like her,an can you tell me where my father is?" 

Dr.Briefs:"Umm..he is training in the gravity room,be careful he trains at very high gravity levels" 

FTrunks:" Thanks and I will" (HA this is great) 

Future Trunks sneaks in the gravity room and charges at Vegita. First he goes SSJ so the gravity won't hurt him much. 

Vegita:" I knew it!" 

FTrunks:" HAAA!!!" 

They start fighting for no reason like wild animals but Vegita goes SSJ2 and quikcly defeats Trunks. 

Vegita:" Umm this is so much not like you Trunks. I though you where kind and peaceful. 

FTrunks:" Well I've changed because of you in the future me and him we just keep training" 

Vegita helps Trunks up but then Vegita gets an evil smile and kicks Trunks out of the room. 

Vegita:" When you're ready we will train" 

FTrunks:" WHA!" 

Vegita:"You can't go SSJ2 or 3 yet so go away" 

FTrunks:" You are different from my REAL father!!" 

Trunks then shows off his power and goes SSJ2.He goes back inside the room and kicks Vegita around. Vegita recovers fast but Trunks is on him. Vegita powers up and Trunks hits the side of the room and Vegita is in the middle powering up and then he punches Trunks on the stomach knocking him out cold. 

FTrunks:" are powerful.." 

Vegita:" And I am your REAL father now. Here is a Zensu.So what are you doing around here?" 

FTrunks:" The Brolly from my time came here" 

Vegita:" Damn so thats the power I felt earlier,I was thinking it was Kakarotto fighting his sons" 

FTrunks:" Well no,Brolly is away for awhile so we could train and be ready whe he gets here" 

Vegita:"umm... thats why you came here,OK we start tomorrow morning" 

FTrunks:"Ok father" 


Meanwhile in Kami sama's palace...... 

Dende:" Hey Goku" 

Goku:" Hey dende...I mean Kami sama!" 

Dende:"Haha don't call me that just call me Dende ok" 

Piccolo"...Dende we want to use the Room" 

Dende:"Right,come this way please" 

Mr.Popo:"Gohan, you and your father will train in another room ok" 

Gohan:" Why...I want to train with piccolo-san" 

Goku:"Gohan I told him to make a room for us, I want to teach you something very important ok" 

Gohan:...ok i guess.." 

Mr.Popo:"Good, come this way" 

Piccolo, Goten, Chibi Trunks, and Kuririn went to the Room of Spirit and Time to train, the room is special beacuse it allowes them to train for a very long time. Inside the room you can spent 1 week and in the outside world it will only be a minute. 

Chapter 2
 20 Days Have Past, Goku and Gohan finished training in 5 days so they went to train with the others in the room.. 

Goku:" Piccolo I think is time to stop, Brolly maybe arriving soon so we want to rest before he comes." 

Piccolo:" Yeah, you are right Son" 

Gohan:" Dad,thnaks for teaching me that teachnique" 

Goku:" No problem" 

Piccolo:" Goku, what did you teach Gohan?" 

Goku:" Don't worry about it Piccolo,now did you guys trained well?" 

Goten" Yea! me and Trunks are stronger now!" 

CTrunks:" YEA! We trained normal and with fusion!" 

Gohan:" Ohh you used fusion,good..." 

Goku:" Well let's go rest,I'll be going to see future Trunks and Vegita to see how they are doing" 

CTrunks:" Goku take me to my father" 

Goten:" I wanna go too!" 

Goku:" Ok grab my hand,bye bye everyone" 

Gohan:"Bye father and thanks again" 

Piccolo:" Take care Son" 

Goku, Goten, and Chibi Trunks teleported to Buruma's house to check up on Vegita and future Trunks. 

Goku:"Hey Buruma where's Vegita?" 

Buruma:"Well he is training with Trunks" 

Goku:"Ok thanks" 

Buruma:"So is the fight over?" 

Goku: (walking away)" No, it just started" 

Buruma:"ohh my" 

Goku:"umm...I can hear the fighting, let me get ready for the gravity" 

Goten:"Trunks let's play with your toys!" 


Goku:"Hey Vegita and Trunks,how you guys....AHH!" 

Vegita:"Kakarotto get out of here we are training!" 

Trunks punches Vegita on the face and makes him fall hard on the ground. 

Vegita:"BAKAYARO Kakarotto!" 

Vegita charges at Goku and they start sparting, FTrunks gets in and fights but is quickly desposed of and the fight continues, Trunks goes SSJ2 and stops the fight. 

FTrunks:" Stop it father! this si not right" 

Vegita:"..shut up.." 

Goku:" Vegita calm down I come to check up on you guys to see how you doing" 

Vegita:" I don't need you checking up on me" 

Vegita changes his mood quickly 

Vegita:" So what have you being doing kakarotto?" 

Goku:"Training with the others" 

FTrunks:"We trained alot too,father is a great sparting partner" 

Goku:" Thats good, so let's go to Kami's palace now" 

Vegita:" umm....ok let's go" 

Goku:"There we can rest and eat!" 

FTrunks:" YEAH I'm starving!" 

Vegita:"Ok let's go" 

Goku:"Goten, Trunks we are leaving!" 

Goten:" OK!" 

CTrunks:" ok dad let's go so we can....ohh HE is still here" 

FTrunks:" Hi Trunks, hehe i fill wierd saying hi to myself" 

Goku:" HA HA HA!" 

Vegita:"Ok let's go! I'm hungry" 

They all teleported back to Kami's palace to rest waiting for Brolly's arrivel. Meanwhile in outerspace... 

Brolly:" I can see the Earth now I will finally get my revenge and I won't let that kid get in my way again!" 

FTrunks:" father, thanks for the suit, it fits me pretty well" 

Goku:"ohh Trunks your using the Saiya Jin armor again hu, thats good now you look more like your father" 

CTrunks:" That's my dad!!" 

Vegita:" Haha, well where's the food I said I was hungry" 

Goku:" Me too! let's eat!" 

Goten:" YEA!" 

FTrunks:" ahh Gohan-San, do you want to train with me, I want to feel like if I was back home" 

Gohan:" Sure, I'm not very hungry right now" 

Goten, Chibi Trunks, Goku, and Vegita where busy eating, Piccolo was meditating as useual nearby. Well 2 hours have pass and the Z Warriors are sleeping in the palace, when something calls upon Goku. 

????:" Kakarotto....KAKAROTTO!!" 

Goku:" ahh..?! It's time!!" 

Gohan:"..ahh..Brolly is here!!?" 

Brolly:" Kakarotto! You will die now!" 

Goku gets punched on the face by Brolly and was thrown against the cilling. Everyone went out to help Goku, Brolly started powering up and he blew the house up and out of the blast he came out in SSJ2 and punched everyone and knocked them out to the ground. 

Goku:" he he have so much power so fast..."

                         "Goku, where are you?!"

Chapter Three:
Brolly:" HA HA HA, It is not the power that I have, is the anger towards you that matters!" 


Future Trunks charged at Brolly he punched him but there was no effect, Brolly then grabed Trunks by the hands punched him on the face and stomach. 

Brolly:"So you were there one that teleported me to that far away galaxy.Ahh I know you, you're the kid I took the time machine from back in the future, I sure learned many things from you ..HA!" 

Brolly blasted Trunks away with a fireball and then charged at Goku. 

Gohan:"Father watch out!" 

Piccolo:"Come on everyone Goku needs us" 

CTrunks:"Goten, while they fight let's try to gather our energy for fusion" 

Goten:"Ok Trunks..AHHH" 

Goten and Chibi Trunks were gathering their energy to do fusion again. The rest of the Z warriors went to SSJ1 and went towards Brolly. Piccolo went towards the fallen Future Trunks for his aid. 


Gohan:" Brolly you bastard! Masenkou!" 

Brolly dodged the beam, teleported behind Gohan and kicked him on the back, then he continued to fly towards goku. 

Piccolo:"Makanko Sappo!" 

FTrunks:" Thanks Piccolo.." 

Piccolo:"leave the thanks for later boy, and fight" 

FTrunls:"...This battle will end up with many deaths." 

????:"don't worry Trunks, I will help out is this battle" 

Vegita was standing on a nearby building next to Dende, Mr.Popo, Karinsennin, and Yajirobe. 

Vegita:" Trunks I got some Zensus in case we need them." 

FTrunks:"Father thats good but come and join, we need all the help we could get" 

????:" Don't worry, Super Saiya Jin 2 fusion will stop this loser" 

FTrunks:"ahh..whats that who is that?" 

Gotenks:"Hahaha you should know me, I am the super fusion Gotenks!" 

Goku, Gohan and Piccolo were badly hurt at this time. Now it was Gotenks turn to fight Brolly. 


Brolly:"He is poweful! Have to be careful now...HAHAHA!" 

Gotenks and Brolly were trading punches. Gotenks quickly punched Brolly in the stomach and then blasted him away with a fireball. 

Gotenks:"AHHHHH Supa Gotenksu Kamikase Attack!" 

5 ghost came out of Gotenks mouth and went towards Brolly. Brolly saw the ghosts but stood there waiting for them. 

Brolly:"..What would this little copies do to me..hahaha" 

Brolly powered up and punched the first one and to his surprise the ghost blew up on him. Then the rest fallowed and the whole thing created a huge blast around Brolly. 

Gotenks:" -sighs- hehe I told you I was going to take care of him" 


Out of the smoke the warriors heared a scream and a big blast came out of the remains. It was heading towards Gotenks. 

Gotenks:" AHH!!Kamehame.. URGH!" 

Goten and Trunks separated from fusion because of the powerful blast and they were unconsious. 

Goku:"!! Goten!" 


Brolly:" Stupid fake Saiya-jins, you can't deafeat the real Super Saiya-jin" 

Vegita:"SHUT UP BROLLY!!" 

Vegita went SSJ2 and charged at Brolly, Brolly went SSJ3 and powered up a one-handed blast. Vegita was flying straight at Brolly, Brolly threw the fire ball at him but Vegita teleported behind brolly and punched him on the ribs, the teleported again infront of him and started a combo to the face and body. 

Vegita:" I am the real Saiya-jin, king Vegita!!......Fainaru Flash!!!" 

The beam hit Brolly on the body and the beam took him several yards away to the ground. But, after the smoke cleared, Brolly was standing there with some blood running down his mouth. He then began to power up and blasted the shocked Vegita with a fire ball. 

Brolly:"OK i'm tired of all this nonsense, I will destroy you all now.." 

Brolly started powering up, everyone tried to hit Brolly but no one had any effect on him. Brolly then turned many colors and a beam came out from his mouth and hit Goku. Goku started screaming, he was getting closer ans closer to Brolly, and then Goku vanished!! 


Piccolo:" SON GOKU!" 

FTrunks:" Where is Goku?" 

Vegita:"..Kakarotto!..where is him..? 



Chapter 4 will arrive soon!

More to come