These are our music files,
if you have any to give to us
then e-mail me with them

File Name File Description size
We got power
a sweet song, a 6/10 70 kb
a really good song, 9/10 6 kb
The fusion song
another good sone, 7/10 7 kb
Blue Velvet
dis is ok, its a 5/10 112 kb
Get the dragon balls
anoter sweet song 8/10 37 kb
The trunks song
a really sweet song, 9/10 11 kb
Dbz french opening
dis is ok 5/10 24 kb
The dbgt training song
its ok, but i don't like dbgt, so its a 3/10 41 kb
Don't you see
well, dis is pretty kewl, so a 7/10 109 kb
Mysterious Adventure
dis is pretty kewl, so its a 7/10 37 kb