Our local station, Keihan line, Makino train station.

This is where one purchases their train tickets, and that confusing looking chart up top is the Keihan line's stops.

You have to keep hold of your ticket. You put it in the little slot here and it pops up on the other end, then you do the same at the station you're going to in order to get out. That's myself, Tammy and Micah visible past the entrance.

The view from our platform, Kyoto bound, to the other platform, Osaka bound.

Me, Ursula, Micah and Tammy. I really need a new coat. It's WAAAAAAAY too big on me now, and it's ripped to shreds.

Inside a Japanese train... i think i already had one of these shots, but dom wanted another.

Don't ask me, I have NO idea, random people-on-a-train shot, I guess.

Makino by night, view of the Shoen bowl, which has the lovely DDR machine in it! Yay!

The daily yamazaki convenience store, and our first karaoke room (now we mainly go to the one inside Shoen Bowl b/c it is cheaper and just as nice)

Mr. Robot.

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