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Okay, guys. Each link below links to a page of my journal. Each journal section is clearly marked. The ones near the bottom with "NEW" next to them, are in fact new, since I define new as being written in the last two weeks. The very last one at the VERY bottom is the NEWEST one, we're switching order since this is a little more intuitive and easier to manage on my end, and probably on yours as well. I just added four entries under 10/19-10/24. It is of course not yet 10/24, so new entries until 10/24 will continue to go there, and on 10/25 I will likely make an entirely NEW link that says something akin to 10/25-enterdatehere. The spinning arrow in front of 10/19 indicates the CURRENT set of journal entries. If this new change is too confusing PLEASE email me and tell me so. Love to family and friends.

Let me remind everyone that the links below with "NEW" written next to them (mom) are in fact "new." So read em, and don't complain that I'm still not updating!

  1. Pre-departure Journal Entries
  2. 8/22-8/24
  3. 8/25-8/27, also a Word on Cute, Advertising and the Fujiya Hotel
  4. 8/26-8/30 (yeah, I know it overlaps, I'll fix later)
  5. 8/31-9/6
  6. 9/7-9/11
  7. 9/12-10/1
  8. 10/1-10/18
  9. 10/19-10/24
  10. 10/24-11/5

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