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Happy Holidays!!!!!

1.22.01: Okay, so it's been a month. ^.^ I updated today, four new picture pages added... have several pictures on my camera waiting to be uploaded, but can't find my stupid camera-USB connector... will keep looking... I'm pretty darn bored lately, so I might start trying to spend some time actually UPDATING my journal... hey, it could happen.. thanks to all who have signed my guestbook, and if you visit often and haven't yet done so, please do!! Later!! Indi

12.22.01: Okay, so it wasn't the very next day... ^.^ but I'm updating my picture pages (Picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages, open up your books and do a picture page with me!! yay bill cosby!) So if funny things appear to be happening with the page, please tell me so I can do something about it. And if I have time after adding the hundreds (No exaggeration) of photos, I'll work a little on my journal. ^.^ Love, hugs, and a very merry Christmas!

12.12.01: DANG!! Has it really been almost TWO MONTHS!! since I've updated???!??? I'm so sorry!! *BIG EXHALE* But, I'm done with finals, so I have no more excuses not to update. There are going to be SOOOOOOOO many journal entries and SOOOOOOO many new pictures loaded soon, it's not even funny. Really. I swear!! Tonite I am very tired. But I am going to start updating tomorrow, so be prepared for at least TEN pages of photos (probably separated into subsections for ease of viewing) and ungodly amounts of journal entries. So yeah. Sorry about the long absence... school and stuff has been crazy!! Till tomorrow! Love and hugs!

10.22.01: Journal Update. Happy Halloween!! Read the main journal page for the new journal format, and there is a whole new link with four new entries. Enjoy!! Still no new pics :( I'll try to remedy that asap.

10.20.01: LOTS OF UPDATES. If you have not yet read the journal page entries with "NEW" written next to them, please do so. I added about ten entries. If you HAVE read what was there as of yesterday, please go into the latest one (October's entries) and note that I added the "Travels through Osaka" and "Fushimi Inari" entries. :) Yay!! I am having some problems uploading my pictures, so that may have to wait. One of my cards is full (the big one, 162 pics, mainly from Fushimi Inari), and I still have some room on the second, so don't despair yet. I'll load them as soon as I can determine the problem. I will be adding things to the main journal page, I think, tomorrow. I don't know yet if I will just add a link to whatever I'm writing tomorrow on a new page, like the others, or post it on the main journal page... suggestions appreciated.

10.2.01: No updates yet. Well, sort of. I split the photos page into two since load times were reported as significant. And I'm pretty sure I'll be reorganizing my Journal Page, since it's getting a mite difficult to handle. :) Sorry about the lack of updates lately!! I will be posting pictures of my trip to Fushimi Inari (Fox) Shrines soon!! Gomen ne!

9.16.01: New picture page added. LOTS of pictures.

9.15.01: Journal updated. Initial thoughts on the tragedy in America included. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and everyone affected by this attack, and to those who will be affected by the mobilization of our troops.

9.7.01: New pictures (and LOTS OF THEM) posted. Check em out!!

9.6.01: Journal now UP-TO-DATE. Wow. :) Pics still not up, I know, I'm sorry. Love and hugs.

8.31.01: Journal updated again. Jeez, it's taking longer than I thought to get it up to date. A word on cute, and the entirety of 8.25 was added. PS, the other days won't be as long. But that is a job for tomorrow. Love and hugs!!

8.30.01: Journal updated. It's up to 8.25 (I know, I'm slow) and I really do expect to have it up to date tomorrow sometime. I'll do my best!!! Love and hugs.

8.26.01: Journal updated and PHOTOS BEING LOADED!!!!
Another journal update, it's slowly getting up to date, but I was prolific in my written journal and hate typing. Also, I'm loading a new photo page as we speak, with all my photos so far. We're going on a tour of Hirakata City today, so I will take more and load them when I can. Love!

8.25.2001: Journal Entry posted
HUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE journal update. Read it now!! Remember that the earliest ones come first, so my departure entry is under my Narita to Tokyo entry, and they are split by dates. Also, it is not up to date, but that was a LOT of typing, so I'll put the next two days in tomorrow!! So there!! :) Very excited to be here and I miss everybody. Also, no USB ports on these computers, so no pic updates... I'll have to find someone with a laptop. :)

8.12.2001: Sweet!
10 days. I am so psyched!

7.18.2001: Okay, getting closer now
First journal entry posted. Will try to post a few more before I actually leave. Only thirty-five more days to go!

6/18/2001: Continuation...
Well, the photos page is up and happy. :) Right now there is just one test pic of Mike, plugged in to every set of the table. I have a beautiful digital camera, *SQUEEEEEE!!!* an HP315. Oh, its so pretttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... definite date of departure (Thankyou Teresa!!) is August 22, not sure of the time, won't actually have the ticket in my paws until about a week prior, due to flying standby. ^_^ *Excitement!!* Not panicking yet, check back later. Oh, and that guestbook is down there for a reason... :) SIGN!!

6/1/2001: Creation
Irasshaimasu!! Welcome, friends and family to my online journal of my goings-on. This being the first update, let me inform everyone as to what this is and how to use it. We're experimenting with technology here, so this should be fun, right? First, I will post journal updates on the "Journal" Page, to which there is a link, further down this page. To get to my uploaded pictures, once I have some, you'll simply click on the "Photos" link, next to the "Journal" link (okay so far Papa?). Information on updates that I feel everyone should know about will go here, on this main page, with the most recent appearing first. That being said, I hope all is well with everyone, and as always, you can always email me!! If you wish to be on my mailing list for BIG updates and important news, make sure I have your email address, okay? (Either email it to me, or call me if you know my number. ^_^) Glad to see you all here! Love, Indi


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