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Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar

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On 1st of December, 1918, along the banks of the Ganga in a village adjacent to Kashi, Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar made His descent in a religious family. Even in His childhood, swamiji showed signs of spiritual thirst. Bhagwan was equally drawn to the saints and sadhus who lived in the banks of the Ganges and was always engaged in Nama Japam. This invoked in heart the longing for the divine.

Bhagwan with His burning desire to realize god started His journey in search of a Guru. He visited the ashram of Aurobindo and Sri Ramana Maharishi. It was in 1952 Bhagwan felt a strong inner urge to seek Swamy Ramadas at Anandashramam. His stay at Anandaashramam was a turning point in His spiritual life. Swamy Ramdas initiated Him in the divine mantram "Om Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" pronouncing the Mantra thrice in His ears.

He came to Tiruvannamalai in 1959 and from then on staying there fulfills the divine task of establishing peace in the world and to work amidst people in guiding them to reach their spiritual goal. Bhagwan saves those who surrender to them and brings light in to their lives. His devotees, experience presence of Bhagwan with them in their day to day life

For nearly 18 Years Bhagwan spent His days under the Punnai Tree near Railway station, Lord Arunacheleswara Temple (The big Temple at Thiruvannamalai) Prakarams, on the parapet wall near theradi(Temple Chariot place). On those days His first friend was a dog whom He named as “ Sai Baba”.


It was in 1977 a devotee of Bhagwan arranged a house in Sannadhi street near the temple. Devotees started visiting Him in this house. They used to spend hours with Bhagwan discussing their personal problems and Bhagwan solved those problems very easily. Devotees brought out lots of Books about Bhagwan’s life and their experiences with Bhagwan.They also brought out songs in praise of Bhagwan in books and in recorded tapes.

Devaki, when she was in search of a Guru met Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar. She took every opportunity to be with the Yogi. Every presence, every grace, every word and every gesture of Yogi kindled spiritual energy in her. Serving him became her goal of life. Bhagwan accepted the devotion of Devaki. Since then she is Ma Devaki to all the devotees.


It was in 1993 devotees sought the blessings from Bhagwan to have an Ashram for which Bhagwan gave permission. An Ashram is under construction in the place that was earlier called as Agrahara kollai near Ramana Ashram in Chengam Road at Tiruvannamalai. Bhagwan Sri H.H.YogiRamsuratkumar attained Siddhi(Mukthi) on 20th February 2001 at 3.19AM in the Ashram at Thiruvannamalai. The Mahasamadhi was celeberated on 21st February at 3P.M.

A Sivalingam has been installed on the top of Mahasamadhi. Daily Poojas, Abishekams, Bhajans and Arathanai are being performed. Devotees who visit the Ashram pay their Pranams to the Statue and the Mahasamadhi and pray for the blessings of Bhagwan.

Yogiji Maharaj has dropped only the physical body, which had performed its appointed task. He is still very much with us and will continue to guide the devotees by giving them the necessary strength to see him within and without everywhere.