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The Godchild, Tiruvannamalai


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Even when I call myself a Beggar, people suspect that I have hidden treasures and trouble me. What will be my fate if I call myself a king.

There is no need for any japa or dhyana for you.You are in the company of this begger all the time. So you are doing tapas all the time.Your service to this beggar will do. Transformation is going on all the time. The greatest tapas for anyone is to stay near one's Guru and do service to Him.But very few are given this chance.

The most essential and important thing in our life is that we should have faith in God, absolute faith in God.If we do not have Guru Bhakthi and faith in God, whatever we may possess is of no use. If we have Guru Bhakti and the Blessings of the Guru, then it is more than sufficient and it is more than what we can possess materially in this world.

Like Ramnam, Shivanam is very elevating. Recite Shivnam constantly, like pouring of oil from one pot to another, without break. Namajapa should be sustained, just as pouring of oil, is not broken.

Those who chant 'Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram' will not be affected by any disease, whether it comes from America or Europe. These are my Father's words.

Do all the work, in the world, but keep your mind always on the Almighty, the creator of all things and you can never go wrong.


Whenever you need help, you chant YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. You should believe that I am with you wherever you are. Whenever you need help, you call MY FATHER. Tell this mantra: YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR. Then the support will come


It is not easy to get a Guru, a spiritual Master. It may take sometimes many births to get a Spiritual Maser. But we must be happy that at least by Father’s Grace we have got a desire to get a Guru and to come up in spiritual life

MY FATHER by staying and playing in this land can do anything anywhere and at any time. Nothing is impossible for My FATHER. We must always have complete absolute and full faith in our great masters, the Vedas and MY FATHER.


To tell you the truth, the whole humanity exists only because of the Vedas, the Veda Mantras and the Great Masters.


We work from one spot, taking into consideration the entire cosmic movement. All are moving together towards one single point, always progressing. When this beggar gives word, it will take place, if it fits in with the harmony of the entire cosmos for its good. Mostly it happens and what we utter becomes true. But a rare few times, it may fail also, due to some sudden disharmony somewhere in the cosmos. And the failure is then for its greater good only. Though the failure is only apparent, but if the individual has got unshakable faith that works. Whatever happens, the faith should be unshakable. Faith must be total.



This Ashram is different from other Ashrams. The whole cosmic work will be done from this Ashram. Whether this beggar is in this body or not, the whole cosmos will be controlled from this Ashram. Who ever comes anywhere near the precincts of this Ashram, will not go empty handed. They will go, with full of Father’s Grace. That is the TRUTH.


I do not seek for happiness. I only want to do my father’s work. If even one being has benefited from my life, that is enough. It has been worthwhile. And if this body dies, the soul that may remain, may it be born again to do my Father’s work.


Always remember Father. Do not forget Father. Keep the name of God always on your tongue.

All I know is Ramnam. For Him there is no need for realization, visions experiences or anything else. Ramnam is everything. Chat the name all 24 hours! I do as obtained by my Master. That is enough for this Beggar.

”Yogi Ramsuratkumar” is not the name of this beggar. This beggar died at the feet of Papa Ramdas in 1952. “Yogi Ramsuratkumar” is the name of my father.

Anybody who takes to the name of this beggar will be saved by my Father in whatever difficult circumstances one may be.

Yes, whenever you are in trouble, just call this beggar's name with faith. My Father will rush help to you immediately. We have a contract- myself and my Father. Whoever calls my name, my Father will immediately rush help.

Tell the name of Yogi Ramsuratkumar in the place wherever you are and see what happens. Form is not important. Repeat the name.

Everything that happened in the past, that happens now, and that will happen in future, are all the will of My Father. Nothing else. Nothing else. We should not get disturbed.

This beggar is eternal. Speak out this name, Yogi Ramsuratkumar from anywhere. My father will bless you. Need not spend money and time by going over here.

Whatever this Beggar does is a blessing. Even when he shouts at people in anger, it is only a blessing. They will surely benefit from that. When they sit in the presence of this Beggar, My Father transforms them, even though they may not be aware of it.

My Father alone lives in this body.So Iam everywhere. My life is everywhere. Nobody else. Nothing else. Father has given a new name to the world- "Yogi Ramsuratkumar"

Those who chant 'Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram' will not be affected by any disease, whether it comes from America or Europe. These are my Father's words

Do all the work, in the world, but keep your mind always on the Almighty, the creator of all things and you can never go wrong