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1) Mikro Seitani and Megalo Seitani on the north coast - from Karlovassi then head for Potami and then follow the signs... you can park the car in the shade beyond Potami and then walk (it's the only way!). Mikro Seitani is closest but still takes about 30-40 minutes to walk to. Megalo Seitani is another hour or so on.

2) Beach near the Restaurant at the End of the World (!) - if you walk down to the beach in Limnionas and then follow the path from the beach that goes right (you will go past the Sea Park Cafe and the Erizoun taverna) and keep walking for about 2.5km you get to the famous Restaurant at the End of the World. It's a taverna that's only open (usually) in the day and the owner will be very happy to see you! There's a path down to a beach (a stony beach) from the taverna and it's very secluded and quiet and generally used by naturists.

3) Beach east of Limnionas - this one is difficult to describe how to get to! You have to walk to it. There is a road that goes almost all the way to it. Again this one is very quiet and secluded and mostly sandy and popular with naturists!

4) The beach of Tsamadou lies just outside Kokkari in a splendid bay. The last piece to the beach must make by foot over a steep path down. At the beach there are sunbeds and parasols. The beach consists mainly out of pebbles and at the sea is rather steep. This beach is the only official nudist beach on Samos (partially 'ordinary' beach and partially for nudism). You can drinks there, but there aren't any shops.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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