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Kiklos car rental Samos

Since Samos is quite a big island it pays off to rent a car or a bike and explore the island. If you want to rent a car or a bike I recommend the Pythagorion based Samos Car Rentals. They are easy to find, and based in the main street leading off the Pythagorion boulevard. Samos Car Rentals is reliable and they are cheaper than most other car rentals on Samos that I have tried. Besides that the people in the car rental are very spontaneous and kind. We were helped by Vivi. She is married to the Greek Vasilis and she originately comes from Holland. She speaks Dutch, English, Greek and German. If you want you can also inquire if and what kind of car or bike they would have for you in a certain period. It would be strange if they could not help you. Say hello to Vivi from me (Hans from Amsterdam).

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On this map you can see where Samos Car Rentals is located. Go the the Samos Car Rentals website - click here

Map of Pythagorion

Samos Car Rentals - Rent a car in Pythagorion on Samos
Vivi of Kiklos Car rental in Pythagorion Samos

Samos Car Rentals has all types of cars, scooters and mopeds for rent in Pythagorion on Samos. Personally I just pick out a color, because I have absolutely no knowledge of cars, but my travel companion is a real car freak and he comes to life behind the steering wheel of a car, so he knows: he was happy all the times we rented a car here. Samos Car Rentals has good car rental insurances and fair prices. Your car is delivered for free at the airport, the port where you arrive or at the hotel where you stay, but you can also pick it up in Pythagorion. This car rental company is in the main street that runs from the boulevard of Pythagorion to the large town-beach, the town of Vathy and the rest of the island. You can not miss the street, and it is very easy to find. Vivi speaks English and some other languages, so it will be easy to explain what you want. No small sneaky sentences underneath the contract that you sign when you rent a car, you are 100% covered. The service from this car rental is top and with a smile (and in our case with a real cup of coffee). Vivi runs the office with her husband Vasilis and some other people. Vivi also has some very nice tips on what to do on Samos and where to go with your car, interesting sights, beaches, villages and nature worth having a look at, and she stole my secret Samos locations and is now telling others about it, shame on you! hahaha .... If you rent a car you also get a handy map of Samos here.

Our Jeep Our pretty new red car The Samos Hotel in Vathi Car of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Picture with the car
One of the offices of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos One of the offices of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Vivi from Kiklos Car Rental Samos with two customers One of the offices of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos One of the offices of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos

If you want your car is waiting for you at the airport and you can also leave the car here when you fly back, so your holiday can start as soon as you leave te airport building. There are many types of cars for rent. A jeep is great choice if you want to explore the unpaved roads. With a Jeep you can reach all the isolated beaches. But of course it is all depending on what you want to do. In any case there is plenty of choice. Sometimes we rent a Jeep, sometimes an normal car. With a "normal" car we once had a little accident at one of our trips. Apparently on one of the sharp bends we took on the way down (when we had some oncoming traffic) we made a big scratch the bottom / side of our car :(. I called Vivi and she said that if it happened on a paved road (and not on a dirt track with boulders) this kind of car was still insured, and we just had to show where the scratch was when we turned it in again. There was no risk for us and everything was 100% insured. We did not even have to fill something in. At the airport the guy there made a quick call with Vivi and we were ready to go. We were just in time before the bus with the other passengers arrived and we were first in line for a boarding pass (there were 2 Dutch airplanes leaving right after each other, and there was 1 row for checking in, so we felt really lucky). It's a nice feeling that you can drive around without worrying. Vivi thanks again for the coffee, the great service, your kindness and good care. You are a the best and probably the nicest person in Pythagorion and around :)!

One of the offices of Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Car from Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Car from Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Car from Kiklos Car Rental on Samos Car from Kiklos Car Rental on Samos
Vivi from Samos Car Rentals Autoverhuur in Pythagorion
Samos car rental

Here are some more picture of Vivi of the car rental in Pythagorion, Samos Car Rentals. Vivi lives with her husband Vasilis in the village of Chora, just outside Pythagorion. You recognize her immediately with her blonde locks. Vivi has a friendly chat, advice and great tips for visitors to Samos. They rent everything here: from simple cars and convertibles, big car (7 seats) and Jeeps for the difficult paths (the socalled "dirt tracks"). All contracts give you a 100% coverage and a 24 hour service.

In May 2010 we had the last visit (so far) to Samos and off course we went to Vivi again to rent a car from her. We already saw her briefly at the airport when she brought us the car but we went over for a coffee in Pythagorion as well. She's still supersweet...just like her husband Vassilis by the way. He gave us a great tip for ice cream (Orange, opposite the taxi stand).

Samos car rental

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