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Samos beaches: Kedros Beach Agios Ioannis Beach and Agios Isodoris Beach

map Kedros Beach, Samos These are the names of a few of the beaches that you can find at the west side of the island. Kedros beach and Agios Ioannis beach can be reached by dirt track from Paleochori, which is a village in the south west of the island of Samos. Agios Ioannis is supposedly the prettiest. We visited Kedros Beach (see pictures above). These beaches are isolated so don't allways expect them to be 100% clean, since there may be some driftwood, rubble of seaweed on the beach. The Beach of Agios Isodoris is situated more north in between the villages of Kallithea and Drakei. This beach can only be reached by a 4-wheel drive Jeep. The last few meters we were told were the most difficult. To reach these beaches you really need a very good car or an excellent condition if you want to go there on foot.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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