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What is Physical Science?

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What is Physical Science?

    Physical Science is the study of matter and energy.  We study matter, the "stuff" that things are made of, when we study Chemistry.  During our Chemistry units we will learn about the states of matter, their physical and chemical properties, atoms, the Periodic Table, chemical formulas and equations, acids, bases, and salts.

    We will learn about energy when we study Physics.  Energy is the "ability to do work".  During our Physics units we will learn about types of energy, heat, force and motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, simple machines, magnetism, electricity, light and sound. 

   We will be performing several hands on labs during this class.  You will be able to work with students of your choice on occasion.  If you are absent, you are responsible for the completion of the lab.  You must make special arrangements with Mrs. Agnes.