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What is Physical Science?

Course Syllabus



Science Exhibit

Where oh where is Mrs. Agnes?

Student Information


    Students are graded on vocabulary, daily written work, labs, projects, quizzes, and tests.  The percentage of the students total points divided by the total points possible will determine grades.  It is IMPERATIVE that students complete EVERY ASSIGNMENT ON TIME.  Late assignments will be checked but will not count toward the accumulated total points.  When a student is absent, they will have the number of days that they missed to complete the make-up work.

    Students can ask me for their grades before or after class, before or after school, or through an email.  I will make every attempt to give it to them at the time they ask, during an SAT period or by the end of the day.  Grades are officially printed off for the students to share with their parents at mid-quarter and at the end of the quarter.  Parents are welcome to call or email me at any time to get updated information about their child's progress in the class. 


McHenry District 15 uses the following grading scale:

A+     99-100
A       95-99
A-      93-94
B+     90-92
B       85-89
B-      83-84
C+      80-82
C       74-79
C-      70-73
D+     68-69
D       64-67
D-      60-63

                                                     F        59 and below