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What is Physical Science?

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Science Exhibit

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Science Exhibit

        The goal of the Science Exhibit is to give students the opportunity to apply the Scientific Method and research to a project of their choice and present the results to the public in a Science Exhibit.  McHenry Middle School hosts a Science Exhibit every other year.  The students in grades 7 & 8 are required to complete a Science Exhibit project as part of their grade.  Students in 6th grade may enter a Science Exhibit project under the direction of their teacher. 

    This is an exhibit in that the students do not compete with each other and the projects are not awarded prizes.  There is an opportunity for students to compete in the Science Fair at our school if they choose.  Winners will be sent to the Regional competition at Northern Illinois University.  There are a limited number of winners from our school. 

    Students are given a packet containing all of the information about the Science Exhibit.  Included in the packet you will find the informed parent form, timeline, scientific method, display board information, grading rubric, and project ideas.  There is only limited class time for the students to work in school.  Students have access to computers during their SAT time.

    Students are able to work individually or with one partner.  The parents of both students must sign a waiver if their child wants to work with a partner.  It is not possible to change partners during the timeframe of the Science Exhibit.

    Science Exhibit display boards are available through the school for $3.00 or they may be purchased at Wal-Mart, Office Mart, and Office Depot for about $5.00. The board can be of any color.


SCIENCE EXHIBIT TIMELINE:  This is a suggested timeline for students to follow. 

PROJECT IDEAS:  A good project is one that is interesting to the student.  The student will be researching the project to better understand the results that they get from the experimentation.  They also will use the Scientific Method to perform the experiment.  Click here to get project ideas.

SCIENTIFIC METHOD:  This will inform you of the steps of the Scientific Method.

SCIENCE EXHIBIT RUBRIC:  The Science Exhibit accounts for 20% of the quarterly grade.  Students are graded on the content of the project, the display board, and their presentation to the class.  Click here to see the rubric. 

SCIENCE EXHIBIT NIGHT:  The Science Exhibit will be on April 1 from 5:00-7:00.  Students are expected to dress nicely and be present for the entire 2 hours.  All students are asked to take their boards home or put them by the back door of the cafeteria for disposal.

PICTURES OF PROJECTS FROM PAST YEARS:  Shown here are some students and their projects from past years.