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What's This?

This is the section in which I rant and fume at the world at large. Unfortunately, there's only one rant so far, which is a bit untidy right now and not too easy on the eyes.

I ought to put a little explanatory contents page here to explain what each existing rant is about. I will do this when there's more of them. Let me do things one step at a time, please.

Future Rants

This page was originally put up on Tuesday 20th January 2004, with no actual rants, but a statement that if I hadn't put something up within 2 months or so, you could email me about it. On Sunday the 25th January 2004, I put up my first rant. So, I'm not 100% unreliable...

Future rants yet to come:

  • Hotmail sucks (to be transplanted from another section)
  • Autofoo- why so many people think it's bad, and why in fact, only some of it is bad (I now realise some of it is good!).
  • Developers who really really suck and should not be allowed to get involved in any software project for the sake of my sanity
  • Maybe something non-computer-related, but it would probably end up boiling down to "everybody else sucks", which would not be very productive, frankly. I may leave such things for other people to rant about instead.

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