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Asian Poems


Asian Poems.. show ur pride!  oh, and if u hav any asian pride poems, submit it 2 mee plz. thanx




Asian Pride is in my mind,
Asian blood is in my kind,
So step aside and let me through,
Cuz its all about the asian crew,
Asian luv is all around,
For my fellow asians,
Never let me down,
Show your pride and say it true,
Cuz asian blood flows through you...
Asian pride 4 eternity

When all iz faded
Light gleams through the darkness
Then all seems changed
Made bright, as it spark this
Ignited by the flame
Of the passion to rise
Asian Pride making stands
And also openin eyes
Many people realize
As they move aside to let the leaders
Of the millenium to come through
None knew, but it shows
As we never back down
It'z either all or either nothing
Always making new grounds
And moving around
Frum town to city,
Throughout the world
Our voices are heard
It's never going to stop
We'll be on top, until the end
Because you know, and I know
That asians' what we represent


Asian Pride for life 'till I die.

No reason to lie.

So step aside.



You're kickin' on the Asian side.

So step down before we regulate.

Keep it real.

Cuz Asians will !!!


A pool table is green and so is the earth.

There are different colored balls and

There are different colored people.

The cue ball is white...the eight ball is black.

But if you take notice.

The yellow ball is always numero UNO.

Something so wide

From the East Side to the West Side

Something that will never die.

I can see it in someone's eye

That their down with ASIAN PRIDE

Our goal is the same on both sides

From the West to the East

Only with peaceā€¦

ASIAN PRIDE will survive

And the world will feel


From Wah Ching

To Hung Hing

To V-Ching

To Black Dragon

EVERY Asian should join the wagon

From the Orient

To The Land of the Golden Mountain

So Kick back and relax

And Smile Azian Style

When the Universe will feel

The POWER of


Asian pride is alive

asian pride will survive

Asian pride within us all

Asian pride will never fall

Asian pride can't be beat

Asian pride is so sweet

Asian pride will reach the top....

Asian pride can't be stopped...

Asian pride all over our face...

Asian pride is in our race

Asian pride is what i believe...

Asian pride is within me



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