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<< Gothycke Poetryes Frome a Torturede Soule

My tears fall softly, like.. softly falling rain,
I only wear black to show my inner pain.
I hate all Christians, theyíre nothing but sheep,
I wear an inverted crucifix just to be unique!
I listen to Linkin Park, the epitome of goth!
Who the hell are ĎThe Cureí and ĎBauhausí?
My tortured soul cries out, yet no-one cares,
They mock, they laugh, they point and stare.
When I pop out to buy a pint of milk,
Dressed in a gown of antique black silk.
I sit in my darkened room and atone,
No-one understands me, Iím oh-so-alone.
My world fades to gray, a pallete of fog,
And my heart bleeds like a dismembered.. frog.
Just cause Iím different, Iím so very unique,
I shop at Hot Topic, Iím a real freak!
Iím so gothic, Iím even bi,
And I slash my arms and long to die.
Itís not teenage angst, its different for me,
Iím a manic depressant at the very least!
Thereís no-one who can possibly understand how I feel,
How can life be so bad, if God is for real?

PURE parody. I know not all goths are like this, but this is taking the piss out of the minority who do write like this. It's not in any way meant to be serious or well written.