Pure uncensored narcissism.

<< Pick your poison.

::: just me :::
Friends + Fiends + Sex Machines
::: <3 eYe LuFfZ yEw! <3 :::
Planet: Fame
::: respeck, y0? :::
Compose your dreams
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Teenage Drama Queen
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Lust, spite and malice
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Run away from all your whoredom
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<< Photos
I like taking photos *nod*. I have thousands of me, my pets, my family, my friends and indeed my own arse scattered across the internet. Pick your destination?

I choose... YOU

I want... friends

I'm brave. Let's see your... family

I'm going for... cute furry things

Gimme something... random

I wanna see you with the Intergalactic Rockstars
I just want out, please.