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Posssibly some more hovering around fanfiction.net, soupfiction and any of the other archives I lurk at. Until then I have...

-This little story featuring BSH members in an Enid Blyron world.
-Internal Bleeding (old poem)
-To The Power of Ten (humour novel written about people I know)
-Broken Bubbles (another poem written some time ago, which I am quite fond of)
-Gothycke Poetreyes Frome A Torturede Soule (a pure parody of overwritten gothic poetry)
-Fading (another poem written a year or two ago)

More fiction coming soon.

Till then, can I interest you in some stuff by....




Ricco/The Pretty One?

Lost Religion

The Coffee Fiend?

A Puppet Master?

Sabine Ojisama?


Seran Perry?



Le Chat De La Lune?



Dark Nation?

It's been a long time since I went to fanfiction.net. Apologies to any of my favourite authors who I have missed out.