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Random Facts
1. My ambition is to go to a Cure concert dressed as a clown with frizzy red hair, huge shoes, baggy trousers and comedy fake flowers that spray water at people, do a funny little dance and hold up a big "Cheer Up Bob!" sign during the most heart-rending song.
2. My other ambition is to work in a morgue and find someone who has lost their head. I then intend to replace it with a big orange balloon with a smily face drawn on and somehow change to an open coffin service. The mourners will hate me so much, but "We did the best we could.."
3. At my funeral, I demand everyone turns up nekkid except for hats with veils, bow ties.. all the accessories but minus the clothes. Just to see them struggling to look suitably sober and composed in state of nakee-ness.
4. The most retarded thing I have done when drunk is go for a walk wearing a sleeping bag, get lost, wake up on a grave and later find myself eating shrubbery whilst still wearing sleeping bag and staring around pathetically and trying to remember where I used to live.

And a quiz?

Name: Jamie Lee
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Location: In a tiny village 'oop north' in England
Status: Single
Occupation: st00dent. Of psychology, sociology, eng lang and biology.
Current hair color: Black and purple
Eye color: Green. Snot green.
Height: It can change between 5'2 and 5'8. But it usually hovers between 5'5 and 5'7.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, forums, music, wandering around random places. Stuff?
Birthplace: No idea.
Parents: Yes, I have those.
Siblings: Younger brothers and sisters. Don't live with two.


1. Do you wear a watch?: No, I carry it in my pocket for some bizarre reason. Probably because it would take me half an hour to locate it amongst my bracelets/armwarmers/other stuff.
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: About six? I refuse to wear toasty clothing, d00d.
3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: Black is always safe. Although I also own those in sparkly purple and silver leopard print. How understated I am.
4. Most expensive item of clothing?: I make my clothes and shop in charity stores, so probably about Ģ40 for my Valedictory dress.
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: Black 14 eyelet DMs.
6. Describe your style in one word: Peculiar.


1. Do your friends 'know' you?: Not entirely.
2. What do they tend to be like?: Lovely. Retarded.
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: Someone answer for me, I'm lost.
4. How many people do you tell everything to?: No-one.


1. Favorite band/performer ever?: Placebo
2. Most listened to bands/performers: Placebo, Switchblade Symphony, The Cure, Joy Division, Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rockstars, King Adora, Bauhaus, Rachel Stamp, The Smiths, Soft Cell, Orgy, Kula Shaker, Malice Mizer, Manics, stuff?
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: Oh yes indeedily.
4. Can you play an instrument(s)?: No
5. Type of music most listened to?: Rock/alt/glam/darkwave.
6. Type never listened to?: RīnīB, rap. I'm sure it's soopah, but I'm not fond of it.
7. Favorite books?: Lost Souls, Virgin Suicides, Harry Potter series, The Shining, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.


1. Who do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment?: No idea.
2. Do you consider yourself lucky?: I suppose so. My life is hardly hell :D
4. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: t045ty<0r3!


1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: No
2. Do you own Converse shoes?: No
3. Do you own Saucony shoes?: No.
4. Do you own old school Nikes?: And once more, "No".
5. Do you wear tight pants? Yeah, but I like them flared too.
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: Should I?
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: No. I do own a zebra bag though, although I suspect that's miles off topic. :D
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: No, I don't wear my non existant messenger bag like that.
10. Do you own braces?: As in the sexah things to stop pants heading southwards? No
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth?: Not by me anyway.
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair?: No.
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?: It's shoulder lenght-ish, so I imagine so. And when it's backcombed for my 80s moods, it exceeds 3 inches vertically too.
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: *shakes head furiously and blinds passer by* It could be.
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: I suppose they can look ok, but I find them comical on some people.
16. Is your hair black or red?: Not much choice there, hmm? But tis black.
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: No.
18. Do you own a bandana?: fahk me, no.
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: Of the flesh tunnel variety, yes. Of the kitchen sink variety, alas no.
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: Yeah! I can spend hours playing with them.
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: I have done, but I can actually sew *brandishes needle and thread* I'm cool!
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: Yes. Pink studded bracelet and pink leopard print collar with huge spikes. Classy.
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service, or Tiger of London?: No.
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: I have quite a bit of leopard print stuff. Leopard print tshirt, silver leopard print skirt, ordinary leopard print skirt, leopard print bra, leopard print thong, leopard print trimmed jacket, leopard print lacy top, leopard print belt, leopard print jim-jams, pink leopard print spiked collar, ordinary leopard print cat collar.. I'm a child of the 80s, not my fault.
25. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything)?: No.
26. Are you an anarchist?: No. I need rules and routines.
27. Does the American flag anger you?: Er, why would it?
28. Are you "working class"?: *shrugs*
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: I'm not into discrimination, thanks.
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?: Some of the clothes seem ok, but I'm not understanding the sense of having a 'New Look' for goths.
31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: No. They taste like badness.
32. Do you smoke cloves?: No.
33. Are you a thin wait?: Excuse me?
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian?: Vegeterian. Might try veganism when I live alone.
35. Do you think meat is murder?: Yes, I feel very strongly about it.
36. Do your night time activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting?: I'm underage, I get drunk, I vomit. So yes.
37. Have you ever slept in an alley or park?: No. Graveyard, yes. But only for about ten minutes then I woke up and trotted off home in state of drunkeness.
38. Do you wash your hair less than once a week?: Fuck no! That's horrible.
39. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?: I once went from Wednesday night to Monday night during Leeds festival without. That's the longest.
40. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor?: Not that I've noticed. But I doubt it, I'm clean :D
41. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?: No.
42. Do you like Mr. Kerouac?: I'm sure he's a nice sort of chap. Who is he again?
43. Should Mumia Abu-jamal be freed from prison?: Who are these people? You're making them up, aren't you?
44. Are you a member of the Makeout Club?: Can't say I am.
45. Do you say "rad"?: Not seriously.



Number: 7
Color: Lots. I like bright pink, purple and rainbows.
Day: Friday.
Month: September.
Song: Too many to name.
Movie: The Shining or A Clockwork orange.
Food: One of my vegeterian meals where I throw everything that isn't made from corpses into a pan and hope for the best.
Season: Summer. Toasty!
Sport: The thrilling world of nudist snowboarding. Never seen it/taken part, but it sounds comical.
Teacher/Secretary: My old RE teacher was amazing.
Drink: Lemon Fanta, coffee, orange j00se. And of the alcoholic variety, I'm currently quite fond of vodka and lime.. mmm, bitterful.
TV Show: Hollyoaks and.. erm, The Salon is quite soopah *hides*
Radio Station: Don't listen to it.
Store: Charity stores (shush, I'm a poor st00dent) and weird ickle alternative-y stores.
Word[s]: Toasty. It sounds so retarded.
Animal: Amoeba rock. In a single celled kind of way. And horses, although I haven't been riding in years
Flower: No preference.
State of mind: Would "happy" be too blindingly obvious? Generally grand state of mind to be in, I find.