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Movie Reviews

| Sorcerer's Stone | Chamber of Secrets |

Did you see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? What did you think of it? Send in your reviews and I'll post it here. Please keep it as short as possible! Click here to submit your comments. Thanx.

Harry Potter Movie Poster

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


--The movie was RAD!!! i wanna see it again!! Daniel Radcliffe is soooo HOTT! he has the sexiest voice ever! woohoo! i also love Rupert Grint and the dude who played oliver wood (Sean something)!!!!!!!!! YEA! it was exactly like the book....but they missed some parts......but oh's still awesome!!

--I love the film it was the best. I love Tom Felton who play Draco Malfoy he is so HOT!!!!!!

--The movie was brilliant!!! It's the best Ive seen in all my life!!! But the best was to see Rupert!!! (and Daniel and Tom) *~Flor

--It was amazing like I was in it...It was also great because of the hottie characters: Daniel Radcliffe, Sean Biggerstaff and others....


--It was SO cool!! The special effects were WONDERFUL! In fact the movie was so good I can't describe it!!! The only thing was that they skipped a lot of the information. But it was still good!!! The worst part was when it ended because the movie was so goood that I didn't want to leave!!! My favorite character in the movie was Ron! He was a total HOTTIE!! I'm going to see the Sorcerer's Stone again next weekend!!!

--Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone, was a great movie. All the characters were what I expected, and the school was also. It was all very realistic, from the sorting hat to the troll. The ending was wonderful, and the Quidditch game was great. I would love to play the way they did in the movie. I would give the movie two thumbs up.

--To sum it done in on e word, I would have to say the movie was INCREDIBLE. They had the best actors for the parts, matched the book very well. And the graphics rocked as well.

--Wow what a movie! I loved everything about that movie! It had great effects and all the characters were just like the ones in the books. My personal favorite part of the movie was the Quidditch match! I couldn't believe my eyes! All I really have to say that I now have a new favorite movie!

--The effects were fab, and the actors were great. The kids (Ron and Hermione) were really good for first-timers.

--I thought the movie was funny and cool.I think Daniel Radcliffe did a really good job playing Harry Potter.So did Rupert,Emma and everybody else on the cast. My favorite part was when Harry was playing Quidditch and caught the Golden Snitch in his mouth. But my favorite part was when Dudley fell into the snake pit. Also when Dudley got a pigs tail. The special effects were really good.And how everybody was exactly like their character in the book.I don't think they could find better actors anywhere else.And Daniel Radcliffe is cute.I wish I could see it again and again.Harry Potter rules! I can't wait for the next one one.

--Explosively cool, a bit long but definitely worth it as I was hooked on right to the end. The actors were very good in portraying their roles especially Harry, Hermione and Ron. Can't wait for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th movie!

--The movie was cool. The Quidditch game was as intense as any of the Star Wars battles. But there's some things I don't like about it. What happened to the potions part? When hermione and Harry figure out the charm that Snape put there, and is there fire when harry tried to escape quial? All in all, I rate it a must see movie if you haven't seen it already.

--I finally got to see the movie...yay! Overall I was happy with the movie, it stuck to the book...except at the end when they left out one of the obstacles to get to the sorcerer's stone...(you know the Potions obstacle) was in the book. I thought that Ron and Hermione were great..always getting on each other's nerves...Harry did a very great job...and Oliver Wood is such a cutie! (lol). I think that they're all good actors. My favorite part of all was the Quidditch part. It seemed very realistic and was very exciting. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.

--I think that the movie was great. They found great actors and actresses to play the roles. The Quidditch match was really good, allthough, I think they could have made it a little better. (More special affects exc.) Besides that, it was everything I hoped for. I can't wait until the other movies come out!

--I am a fan of the Harry Potter books. I was Skeptical at first because i really didn't think about how wonderful and magnificent Warner Brothers could. It opened me eyes and saw the light and grabbed it! This movie is the ALLTIME best!
*~Savannah B.


---The movie was great! They did have to take take out some of the cool parts like when Ron beat up Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy in 5 minutes during a quidditch game. They kind of had to change the story. Like the part where They have to play the flute to make Fluffy fall asleep, but instead they had them go to where Fluffy was and they see a bewitched harp playing n it's own and stuff like that. They were very true to the book though. My sister says the love [Harry] had for his parents wasn't very well acted out. I think she likes him better on David Copperfield. They did choose the right people to play the characters. Very good graphics and everything!

---Wicked!!! I think it was wicked and bloody brilliant! Ruper Rox.

--I think the film is very wonderful, and I like Daniel as Harry. He acts very well and he is very lovely. I loved the film.

--I absolutely LOVED the Harry Potter movie! The acting was amazing and the sets were astounding. I definitely recommend the movie to anyone, young or old. It's enjoyable to all!

--The movie is very exciting ... The best movie i ever seen!!! Did you know????? all the world know it, the best character is Oliver Wood, he was the best actor.

--I thought the movie was true to the book. Except for a few minor details that were taken out, it keeps the spirit entirely. The actors were terrific (I loved Daniel Radcliffe, Ron, and Snape) and the low-key special effects were amazing: the great hall, the sorting hat, the chess board. As for the Quidditch game, I thought it was overly-done, but still a crowd pleaser. Everything was almost as I had imagined it (besides for James Potter.) My recommendation to fans? Go and see your favorite characters on the big screen. You'll have a blast.

--It's one of the best movies I have ever seen. Daniel Radcliffe is so good! He's so cute! The movie was so so good!!!!!!!!

--Are you looking for some magic in your life? Do you need a hero to look up to? Well, if you do, then Harry Potter is right for you! Directed by Chris Columbus (Casper) and written by David Hayes (Wonder Boys), it is the best adaptation of a book yet! The performances of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and...Ron Weasley (oops! forgot the actor's name! Sowwies!) are impecable and bring new life to the meaning of "Fantasy Movies". The special effects are amazing and the costumes and make-up...I'm, speechless. More or less the movie could not have been any better than it is! I am the greatest Harry Potter fan and I was afraid to be disappointed by the movie. Fortunately, it was a tremendous success and I enjoyed it more and more as I saw it. (umm...7 times?) So...if you haven't seen it yet, then: SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU CALL YOURSELF A HARRY POTTER FAN!!! You will not be disappointed! On the contrary, you will be...enchanted by a that magical world we like to call Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Luv Always, Andreea.

PS-Enjoy the movie! IT ROCKS!!!

--THE MOVIE WAS A NATURAL!:-) I WAS SOO PSYCHED TO SEE IT!!!!!! I loved Ron and Hermione the best, first Ron was EXTREMELY FUNNY, and Hermione did was just......Hermione, hehehe well, I really can't say anything else than of all the movies I have seen this one was DA BOMB! I love the part when they all got sorted. But there was only on problem (which I really don't care about I'm just saying to be honest) that they cut a lot of details from the movie that were supposed to be there and some of the quotes weren't the same as the book's.

--The movie was great. The special affects were unbeleavable.The actors acted very well. I loved the movie! The movie is just as good as books.

--As much as I'd like to say it was the best movie I've ever seen, it truly wasn't. Some parts were fun and very well made, while others were just confusing or lame, to say it plainly. Some of the characters I felt were cast very well, while others were possibly a bit "iffy." For the most part the special effects were very neat. It stayed pretty true to the books, but there were several very important details that I feel they left out that they shouldn't have. If I hadn't read the books, I'd be left with many questions. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.

--I am a BIG fan of HP and I have seen the movie 3 times! I personally loved it! My fave. part was, well... everything! But if I had to choose I would pick the Quidditch scene, it looked very real and so did the chess scene! I would rate it a 6 out of 5! Go see the movie it was the best! :-)

--I believe it was well done and relates to the book pretty well. Some things were switched around but all in all, it was entertaining. The actors/actresses who played their roles were brilliant.

--The movie was so cool! I just saw it today for the second time! My favorite character was Hermione. Daniel Radcliffe [Harry], Tom Felton [Draco], Rupert [Ron], Sean [Oliver Woods], and the red head twins were cute!