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Quidditch Field

Quidditch is a sport that is played in the air on broomsticks. It is very popular among wizards!

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There are six tall goal posts (3 at each end of the field)
Four flying balls
Fourteen players, 7 on each team
*1 Seeker
*1 Keeper
*2 Beaters
*3 Chasers

Keeper: protect the goals (kinda like the goalie)
Chasers: their job is to score points
Beaters: hit the bludgers with big clubs so they don't hit their teammates
Seeker: tries to catch the golden snitch and wins the team 150 points if he catches it

*10 points are scored every time the a chaser gets the Quaffle through the goal
*150 points are earned when the Golden Snitch is caught

There are 700 different ways to get a Quidditch foul-and all of them happened in 1473, when a referee calls a foul, a penalty shot is awarded to the other team.

*1 Golden Snitch -about the size of a walnut, it flies around, the game ends when it is caught. (pictured right)The Golden Snitch
*1 Quaffle (red)-about the size of a soccer ball, it scores the goal
*and 2 Bludgers (black)-a little smaller that the Quaffle, they're the balls that tries to knock the players off their broom

***The game ends only when the Golden Snitch is caught, and the team with the most points wins.***

Practice the role of the Seeker here!

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