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Harry Potter Haiku Poems

Scroll and Quill

Haiku is a very old form of poetry from Japan. It consists of three un-rhymed lines. Traditionally, the first and last lines have five syllables each, and the middle line has seven syllables. It's not that hard to write.

Line 1: 5-Syllables
Line 2: 7-Syllables
Line 3: 5-Syllables

If you write a Haiku about Harry Potter please send it to me ( with your NAME and I will post it for other people to read. So, PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE send in your Haikus !!!!!!!!!!! ::catches breath::

Here are some Haikus that other Harry Potter fans have sent in:

At dark they tip-toed,
Unseen with a magic cloak
To the giant's house.

--By: Me, the Webminstress

Bought way to Quidditch,
Hates all muggles and half-breeds.
Made better ferret.


Dobby, Dobby doo
Stinky socks make you happy!
Dobby is way cool!


Black hair and green eyes
A baby boy on a bike;
He flaunts a deep scar.



--All of the below are by:

Kind, brave, selfless, pure.
Who knows what the future holds...?
For the boy who lived.

Ron and Hermione;
Hiding their feelings.
Always, always arguing.
But deep down they know.

Slicing through the air.
Fingers closed around the Snitch.
Gryffindor has won!

Ginny To Harry;
I blush every time.
All he has to do is smile.
And my stomach soars.

Cold sweat, full of dread.
You-Know-Who inside my head.
Gliding through my dreams.

He transformed last night.
He awoke soaked in blood. And.
Mourned the life he stole.

Dead eyes, full of pain.
Tell of his imprisonment.
Twelve years locked in hell.

Lily and James;
He knows what we gave.
The ultimate sacrifice.
To make sure he lived.

Sallow, sour, brooding.
Preying on the un-wary.
Skulking in shadows.

Hunched to get through doors.
Far too big to be allowed.
Has a heart of gold.


Magical, wonderful
That is describing Hogwarts
Magical and wonderful

--By: Alex Polson

Neville, Neville...hmm
Forgetful, Clumsey, yet Brave
Nevile, what a guy...

Her beauty is pure
Her eyes are crystal-blue, and
My love is so true.


Harry's a wizard,
His best friend Ron is one too,
Both go to Hogwart's


One of his best friends is Ron,
He has a crush on Cho Chang,
And a lightning scar.

--By: Bella

Draco Malfoy;
Potter makes him sick,
Crabbys and Goils best friend,
His sleak blond hair, yer!

--By: Bella


A piggy wiggy,
Also Harry's cousin, yuck,
Afraid of magic.

--By: Bella

Heart of a hero,
A scar with its own story,
Legend of a boy


So brave yet so scared,
Cracking jokes to get a smile,
A wonderful friend


Clever as a fox,
Always something on the mind,
Never giving up


Oliver Wood:
Excellent Keeper
Slightly obsessed with Quidditch
Determined to win

--By: Naomi

Curse Lord Voldemort
He killed a lot of people
Killed Harry's parents

--By: Frida Lacuata

Smart, follows the rules.
Is Harry and Ron's best friend.
Always get good grades.

--By: Sara

Cho Chang:
Ravenclaw Seeker
Is she the one for harry?
She is his dream girl.

--By: Eloise

Harry Potter means,
alot to Ginny Wealsey,
they will fall in love.

--By: Harry Potter

These are not really haikus, but I really like these poems, and they're very good, both are written by the same author. You can send comments to the author, whose e-mail address is at the end. =)

Thank You For Harry

With every new generation
I know in my heart we will find
Along with the visions of Huck and of Alice
Harry will capture the mind

While readers are thrilled by the magic
Emitted from wands in the air
They’ll reflect on one woman’s imagination
And know the best magic was there

Where the spirit world blends with the living
Fear and joy blend with perfect éclat
And words find their way in our everyday language
As we try on our “sorting hat”

And go where we’re told we’re best suited
To a world that is filled with delight
That place will be waiting inside of the books
The most beloved writers will write


I’d Never Forget Your Birthday

I’d never forget your birthday
I’d like your hair just fine
I’d buy you lots of clothes that fit you
If you were a nephew of mine

You’d tell me tales of magic
I’d listen with pride and glee
Heaven knows you’ve already cast
Your special magic on me

You’d have a lovely photograph
Of your parents beside you at night
And I would tell you stories
That would fill you with delight

You will be a great wizard
And do the things great wizards do
Now the whole world knows your birthday, Harry
So many happy birthdays to you


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