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Lonely Soul

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  «´¨`·.¸ ¸.º°Chapter 5°º.¸ ¸.·´¨` »
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“Remember to gag yourself before you start screaming. I swear, some nights I can hear you yodeling,” said Jiyong, slipping the strap of his bookbag onto his shoulder.

“Do I really sound that good?” Seonghoon asked sarcastically.

“Just perfect. You just almost made my dog sound like an opera singer,” Jiyong replied with the same tone. “Only your pitch is two notches higher.”

“Shut up!”

“I love you, honey. Don’t miss me now,” Jiyong laughed, throwing the car door open.

“I won’t, you fruitcake. Now get out!” Seonghoon chuckled, throwing Jiyong’s other strap at him as he climbed out.

“I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow,” Jiyong reminded him.

“Okay. Lates!”

“Bye!” Jiyong waved, running to the porch steps.

Seonghoon waited until his friend disappeared through the door and pulled away. It was almost four-forty-five and the sun was still out accompanying him the way home. It was unusually warm during this time of year, being only February, while he remembered a few years back it was freezing like an ice box.

He picked up speed, anxious to get home before Yoonji starts interrogating him about his daily nightmares. He sighed in relief when he arrived home to find dead silence awaiting him and nothing more. He searched about for his weekly chore that usually sat in a heap at the basement door, only to his surprise, found the spot bare of the buckets and bags.

“Well. I’ve had the devil’s luck,” he said aloud. He ventured back upstairs to the family room and fell back on the couch. “Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to Seonghoonie. Happy Birthday to me,” he sang, toying with his hair. It was only in a matter of a few hours when he will turn nineteen. Practically a grown man. He smiled gleefully to himself as images of girls lining up to give him hugs and kisses flashed before him. Jiwon standing in front him with his arms open and jiggling keys to a brand new car. Jiyong bringing him on a shopping spree. Soowon asking for his sister’s hand in marriage (although he knows it’ll never happen) but hey! It never hurts to wish. Jaeduk treating him out to eat and Jaejin...Jaejin’ll bring him clubbing. Life...isn’t it just beautiful?

“AAAAARRRRRR!” Yoonyi pulled the wagon to a stop upon the sign stuck to the pane on the door. “YOU MOTHER FREAKER!!!! YOU’RE CLOSED???!”

Yoonyi growled at the notice and kicked the door. She turned back around, heading home, in a way, disappointed she had to go back. She would rather be out than be holed up at home, studying. It was only a few more days till her mid-terms. Perhaps, another week? Tomorrow would be the twenty-first of Ferbruary. The next day would be the twenty-second. And so on and on. She estimated around early March would the big testing come. She hauled the little cart back, kicking tiny stones as she went along.

Lately, she had been feeling down. Almost depressed. Like something was supposed to happen, but didn’t. She whistled a tune to muse herself and bobbed her head along with the beat. Might as well use the time wisely and walk slowly home. She would be locked up once night fell. It was a house policy. Her mother’s eyes are everywhere. Following her every move, countering her every thought. Scary. It’s a thing about having mothers. They seem to know too much about you.

She arrived back home and left the wagon in the living room. She returned to her homework and spent another lifetime at it. The words on the pages blurred in front of her. Soft, evil laughter filled her ears like viscous oil.

Yoonyi’s vision dimmed as a sudden draft of drowsiness overtook her.

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  «´¨`·.¸ ¸.º°Chapter 6°º.¸ ¸.·´¨` »
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