Lonely Soul

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Seonghoon leaped out of his bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. He laid sprawled on his back as he awaited for the usual stampede right after his short, abrupt symphony. Just as he had anticipated, his mother and sister burst in, both alarmed and bombarding him with questions.

“Seonghoon!” his mother gasped, kneeling next to her son.

“What happened, oppa?”

“Nothing,” Seonghoon panted, staring up at the ceiling.

“Nothing?!” his sister shrieked. She waved around him. “You call this nothing?!! Practicing your ballet in the middle of the night and during the climax you’ve decided to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge is called NOTHING?!”


“Get real, man. You’re nuttier than I thought,” Yoonji mumbled.

“Yoonji,” her mother whispered loudly.

“No, I will not get him a glass of water. I’m going back to bed. Good night Mickey Kang Seonghoon and you better not lemme hear that nasty singing again! Or else you’ll be ball-less within the ten second time frame I’m extending. Night, Oma.” Yoonji stomped out of the room and slammed the door to hers.

“Do I really sound that bad?” Seonghoon squeaked, looking at his mother.

“Poor baby. Your voice is cracking, but you sound beautiful. Now go back to bed,” Mrs. Kang said softly.



Seonghoon continued to stare, unblinking. With the his mind far away, the words right at the tip of his tongue, a flash of Yoonyi's innocent face made him utter instead, “Don’t remind me.”

“Of what, darling?”

“I dunno...” Seonghoon murmured quietly.


“I dunno...Oma...I dunno...”

Yoonyi felt herself plunge into the bottomless pit. She banged her shoulder against the hard landing and forced her eyes open. In the dark, she felt around for a light, forgetting where she was. As her eyes soon adjusted to the dark, she realized she fell asleep doing her homework.

“A scream...” she murmured. She sat in the dark thinking. She was sure she had just heard a scream. One, so frightening and loud, she fell off her chair. She got up and walked to her door, pulling it open gently. She stuck her head out and listened for noises. She tiptoed out and to her brother’s room, peeking in and giggled when she saw him sprawled out in a funny fashion. She quietly stalked to her parents’ room and did the same, noting they all came home without waking her. It was strange. Normally, she would hear the keys jiggling, but today...she must have been tired. Too tired.

She returned to her room and pulled out her blanket from underneath her pillow. She changed out of her attire into her pajamas and slipped into bed, an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness washing over her. She yawned and turned to sleep on her side.

“It wassa scream...”

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