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[ History of Sechs Kies ]

Here's the full 411 on the group. How they started, when and where...their successes and greatest hits!

[ The Birth of Sechs Kies ]

Fun, interesting facts on each of the members. See which member's your ideal guy! (^_~)

[ MiNaNa'z Museum of Finest Arts ]

The BEST part of the whole site! (^_^) I've categorized all the pictures and unfortunately, I'm using the ones from Z&D. Once I figure out the problem, I'll have my collection of pix up ASAP (^_^)

[ Sechs Kies Juke/BoomBox ]

My *Sechs Kies Recording Studio* Here's the multimedia section where I'll be uploading a lot of audio & etc. files for you 2 DL (^_^) This, however, is temporarily down. Please visit again!

[ Sechs Kies Lyrical Spill ]

For those who are looking for romanizations and translations to Sechs Kies songs, could be found here! Only at the time being, my assistant and I are in the middle of getting things together, so this is also in the process of "getting there." Sorry for the inconvience! =T

[ Sechs Kies Fanatical Heaven ]

An all time favorite of Sechs Kies fans! Stories - gay, straight, death, humor, corny, crazy...everything you can think of! are here! Please remember most of the events in these stories are fictional and don't "ewwwww" at them (^_^) Email for more information as to submission.

[ Legend of Sechs Kies Forum ]

[ Legend of Sechs Kies Forum ]

The main forum of this site. Open to anybody, anyone. Feel free to speak your mind and have fun! (^_^)

[ AE Heaven ]

[ Heaven ]

Another one of my forums. Open to anyone, everyone. Happy posting!


A small chat, but fun (^_^) C'min & meet new pplz!! Open to all (^_~)

[ Sechs Kies SLAM! ]

Slambook full of questions about Sechs Kies...Fill it out! Gives you sumthin 2 do when you're bored :)

[ Sechs Kies Campaign ]

A lito voting booth! Wanna see who's ahead and who's hot, who's not?

[ LinX ]

A lito directory of mine (^_^) Here, I'll direct you to some of my favorite sites & give you a lito guided tour of mee site! (^_^) Enjoy!

[ SechsKies Productions presents SeChsKieS GurL ]

My 411! It's mah AOL profile (^_^) It's short & straight to the point~* So if you wanna know more, email me & lemme know what info I should include (^_~) DanX~!!

[ Sechs Kies FOREVER Book ]

My *Sechs Kies FOREVER Book* Please contribute and sign (^_^)

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