:: Debuted April 15, 1997 ::
:: Retired May 18, 2000 ::







Sechs Kies' Debut Album 4/97

Welcome to the Sechs Kies Land 11/97

Alibaba and the 40 Thieves 4/98-5/98

Road Fighter 7/98

Sechs Kies Special 3.5 10/98

Sechs Kies Live Concert 12/98

Sechs Kies 1020 Mix

Com' Back 8/99

Blue Note 6/00


Sechs Kies Debut

  • HakWonByulGok
  • YenJung
  • PomSeng PomSa

Welcome to the Sechs Kies Land

  • KiSaDo
  • TalChool
  • MalGwalRyangYi KilDulYiGi

Road Fighter

  • Road Fighter
  • MuMo Han Sarang
  • Say

Sechs Kies Special

  • Couple
  • NuhRul BoNaeMyu
  • KiDo

Sechs Kies Live Concert

  • My Love
  • Chim Mook


  • YehGam
  • GuDaeRo MumChuh

  Blue Note  

  • Bye
  • Yak Sok
  • To My Fans


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*PomSeng PomSa (1)*
*KiSaDo (2)*
*For You (2)*
*Love (2)*
*HaYan BamEh (2)*
*SaRang HaNun NuhEhGeh (2)*
*Jekki Christmas (2)*
*MalGwalRyangYi KilDulYiGi (2)*
*Road Fighter (3)*
*MuMo Han Sarang (3)*
*Fake G's (3)*
*Crying Game (3)*
*Flying Love (3)*
*Come to Me Baby (3)*
*Say (3)*
*Last (3)*
*Together Forever (3)*
*NuhRul BoNaeMyu (3.5)*
*Couple (3.5)*
*Celebrate Tonight (3.5)*
*DanNyun (3.5)*
*KiDo (3.5)*
*My Love (Concert)*
*Com' Back (4)*
*YehGam (4)*
*Bi (4)*
*Smile Again~Remix (4)*
*Rigoletto (4)*
*GuhNyuGa NamKiGo Kan SunMul (4)*
*Missing You (4)*

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Sechs Kies 2000 Concert
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"Com' Back" by Sechs Kies

:: Bye, Bye, Bye...! ::

Alas...it's sad...

Former beloved group, Sechs Kies has announced their retirement from the Korean Entertainment business and from former managers of DaeSung Entertainment. They officially ended their 3 year singing/performing career on May 18, 2000 at approxiamately 2:00 p.m. with a press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

Reason(s)? Is it really Fin.K.L or Click-B's fault? Did Sechs Kies really want to quit? It was rumored that Fin.K.L. may have been involved or somehow even caused Sech Kies' unfortunate separation.

Each member claimed they had issues or another, mainly concerning time and college studies. That's the only answer we can live with at the moment, although many fans have already decided it was the superiors of DaeSung Entertainment who enforced the breakup.

I, for one, know (or is 'believe' a better word?) the managers of DaeSung encouraged the divorce. They probably did force it...but oh, well! Who knows for sure?

Here's "Road Fighter" from their third album. I selected this song to go with this section because of all hardships and obstacles Sechs Kies has overcome to make it to the top is truly admirable. It was a long battle against critics, against fans of other artists, against all the people who looked down and said they'll never make it...

To make a long story short, the title "Road Fighters" (and may I add the 's') suits them perfectly.


:: The History of Sechs Kies ::

Sechs Kies, also written as 6Kies/Jekki/Jacky (those are the main 3 forms, I'm not sure about how many others are out...probably 10?), debuted on April 15, 1997 on KMTV Music Tank. The original meaning of their name meant bastard (the way how the Korean characters were formed) and many people weren't too pleased with the selection. Therefore it was changed to Jekki, hence : Sechs Kies (the German pronounciation) which means six pebbles/stones. Theyre also referred to as crystals/rocks, but you get the point. Just something hard and solid. (not ice though!)

On April 25, 1997, they performed on SBS Choong Jun 100% and two days later, they made their first appearance on SBS Inky Gayo. Their debut album was released in May of '97 which led to another performance on SBS Inky Gayo on July 6th, performing the hit song 'PomSeng PomSa.'

Soon they were caught up in the music business and critics claimed the six fresh faces were duplicated replicas (in simplier words : a copycat) of an already popular teenaged group called H.O.T (High-five Of Teenagers).

Months passed and the rivalry between H.O.T and Sechs Kies soon turned to chaos. Fans brutally beating each other senseless, the groups were neck and neck at everything. From styles and techniques all the way down to looks and personalities.

Sechs Kies were soon recognized as rising stars of today's Korean music industry, yet critics are still holding onto their words and aren't giving in no matter how hard Sechs Kies try. (I dunno why so many people hate them...in my opinion, I think they're so much better than H.O.T...then again, people think differently.)

Starting off the new year (1998), Sechs Kies had a concert serving as a celebration! It was a busy year for they've also managed to squeeze in a musical performance into their already-too-tight-schedule, 'Alibaba and the 40 Thieves' (on MBC). They continued to show at t.v. performances and musical shows, preparing for mini concerts, etc.

Right around in mid-July, their first hit single for the third album [entitled : 'Road Fighter'] 'Road Fighter' was released and it was a HUGE success! Their new images, styles, looks, vocals, and rapping techniques for this album has definitely won A LOT of fans over. The excitement's not yet over! On the 17th of July, their very first movie, 'Seventeen' was released! Although the acting wasn't so great, but it's definitely worth watching! (JaeJini looked sooooooooo FOINE!!!)

Their second single 'MuMo Han Sarang (Reckless Love)' from Road Fighter made its way onto the countdown on SBS Inky Gayo on October 11, 1998 (coming in first place!! YAY!).

A few weeks later, on Halloween 1998, their Special album come out and soon after so did their Live Concert (the one on Christmas Eve 1999 held in Pusan). Their fourth album was widely welcomed and they ended their musical legacy with Blue Note, their fifth and final album. (it's more like a concert cd, but for some reason it's classified as a fifth =T)

Their last appearance as singers, as a group, was the day after the their official breakup at the 2000 Dream Concert.

It was sad...very...

May Sechs Kies live forever in our hearts...


:: Com'   Back! ::

Right about when their 4th album, Com' Back, was due to be released, there were already talks about the successful group breaking up. There were mistreatment to members of the group and as a group itself. Abuse, unfair treatment, etc. Fans awaited for the verdict, relieved that Sechs Kies will stay around a while longer. Thanks to the lovely Eun Jiwon, they stuck around and gave their fans one last album : Blue Note. And a last concert and appearing one last time as a group at the 2000 Dream Concert as a last memory of them together.

When news had gotten out to everybody ~ fans and non-fans in Korea and U.S. ~ YG (Yang Goon aka Yang Hyunsuk) offered to buy Sechs Kies for a really, really good price, the reactions were all over the place. Some thought it wasn't good, some were doubtful, some didn't know what or how to feel, ya know...blah blah blah...I, for one, was overjoyed (^_^)

Anyways, YG and Eun Jiwon are pretty tight, so you can say YG was doing Jiwon a favor. Daesung declined the offer by asking for a higher price (keeping in mind that Sechs Kies is their "sole profit").

Now with Sechs Kies "officially" free, YG's looking for another opportunity to sign Sechs Kies. It's also rumored that SM Entertainment is also interested in signing the 6 babes, raising quite some talks and eyebrows and A LOT of controversy.

A news reporter (dickhead!) has reported that Sechs Kies may strike back (yeah, like Seo Taiji...wutta coinky dinky...hmm...)! Believe it or not, it's a prank. Don't get your hopes up too high because before Sechs Kies had announced their permenant separation, it was out all over the place that they had supposedly signed with a company called "First Media." But that didn't keep them in the business. But just in case, keep your eyes and ears open for an album that's "supposed" to be out in stores in November.


:: Here we come, it's Black Kies! ::

                              [Black Kies] Eun Jiwon[Black Kies] Lee Jaejin[Black Kies] Kim Jaeduk

To make the group even more unique, Sechs Kies is split up into two more groups, the Black Kies and the White Kies.

The Black Kies consist of its leader-Eun Jiwon, b-boys-Lee Jaejin and Kim Jaeduk. Their main focus of the group is rapping and power dancing (except Jiwon).

Eun Jiwon, as the leader of both Sechs Kies and Black Kies, raps and sings.

Lee Jaejin, dance coreographer, dancer/breaker, rapper, singer, coordinates special dance techniques for the rest of the Sechs Kies members to follow.

Kim Jaeduk, the oddie...he's the only Black Kie that doesn't sing. He specializes in dancing and rapping (and may I add 'eating' hehe...) and also helps Jaejin come up with new dance moves.

:: Here we come, it's White Kies! ::

                              [White Kies] Kang Seonghoon[White Kies] Ko Jiyong[White Kies] Jang Soowon

To make the group even more interesting and special, Sechs Kies went a step further and broke up into two more groups, the Black and White Kies.

Kang Seonghoon, being the fourth oldest, takes the role as lead singer, which also makes him the leader of White Kies. Funny thing is, he's also the only Kie out of the six that doesn't rap. (see the Jaeduk-Seonghoon connection? both goofy and one can't do what the other does =) hehe...)

Ko Jiyong, MY MAN! Hehehe...nosa...I really wish he was though (^_^)
Anyways, he just recently picked up rapping and you can hear a sample of his rapping in the Sechs Kies' 4th album, Com' Back. Track #4, 'Bi,' in particular, you'll hear his husky voice rapping first. Not bad for a White Kie, huh? Other than that, his singing's superb!!! Go honey! Kick some ass!

Last, but not least, is our dearest baby Jang Soowonie!!! He's a shy cupcake, so you'll have to pay very close attention to whatever the activity is involving the six babes. Usually you won't notice this young one! Not until when the camera and mike's focused "completely" on him!

The White Kies' major role is singing. They're the 3 solid vocals and like the Black Kies (who not only raps), they're not restricted to singing only.

:: Missing   You ::

"I don't wanna lose you, baby..." (that's how it went at the concert) My heart went along with Seonghoonie's =*( I didn't wanna see them go...

Anyways, in memory of our loved oppaz, let's keep their legend alive. Although they're dead in the gayo world, they'll forever be alive in our hearts. Please visit their unofficial "Legend of Sechs Kies Forum" & give em a shoutout. Feel free to say anything, the forum's open 24/7 to anybody, anyone (^_^)

I'd appreciate it if you tagged up the *Sechs Kies Forever Book* Here's a "Thanks" from Sechs Kies. (^_~)

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