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P.O.S. Racing

We would like to thank the guys at the Website for all the awsome pictures and great racing coverage!

Still goin' strong in 2002!
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I love what I do!

Racing Is a Sickness.... and I have it bad! Here it is 2002, and I think we're all getting worse

As you can see.... Racing is a Sickness.... and once you get it there is no known cure. That's me in the picture I was afflicted at a very young age. My Father was a carrier. It was so bad for him that he couldn't even go to a live race without getting the fever. I'm pretty sure he knew he was sick, but I don't think anyone knew what he suffered from.

Having been diagnosed with this dangerous affliction and given the fact that there is no known cure I have decided on a controversial treatment... it is expensive too... but when you suffer everyday you have to do something! So I RACE!!!!!

I would like to take this time to thank my sponsors

  • Yamhill Towing In Yamhill and McMinville, OR
  • Gentry Auto Whole-sale Lafayette, OR
  • Christenson Oil Portland, OR
  • Bob's Specialty Muffler and Hitches McMinville, OR

I would also like to thank my friends

  • Timmy- for all the parts, the help, the time, and the friendship
  • Roger- For all the parts and all the time you have been a really good friend
  • Jason-mostly just get'n da ca'and make me some money!!!!

Please enjoy the site and we will be updating it on a regular basis. Look around... check things out, and sign my guest book, Thanks