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Tim Fuller is taking the next couple of years off while his wife finishes school, so for now enjoy the pictures of last years car and rejoice in the knowledge that he will be a good pit-bitch for Jason and myself!

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Tim was born in McMinnville in 1964. In 1992 Tim built his first demolition derby car, at that time he had never even seen a derby. Needless to say his first derby didnít go well but since then he has gotten really good at building cars. In 1995 in the bump to pass series he finished the season Championship in 2nd place just 3 points from first. Tim competes in demolition derby events all over the states of Oregon, Washington and he competed in the demolition derby On TNN in Reno Nevada. Tim has raced in street stock events and sportsman events at both Willamette speedway and Sunset speedway; he even ran a racing lawnmower in Albany. Last year Tim raced in the top level of sportsman racing but decided to scale back this year and run a street stock (while his wife works her way through college). Tim works as a parts specialist at FMI trucks in Portland.