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Results For P.O.S. Racing during the 2002 Season (click on any picture to see the full size photo.)

4-6-2002 guess who forgot the camera?? The season opener was awesome and the track was fast. There were 2 new track records set with Bob Boyd topping the charts with a 13.942....that is moving. That's an average speed of 85.9.

Jason was able to get his car there for the race, and he placed 8th in the outlaw C main, which is very respectable. Sean Gentry finished 3rd in the same race after spinning twice. Watch out for Sean in the Super Sport class. James' car had a broken clutch fork just befor he tried to load it on the trailer. Next week we should have James' Sportsman car and Jason's Super Sport at the track.... see you there!

4-20-2002 The season opener was a great day for us here at P.O.S. Racing. James and Tim(driving Jason's sportsman car)raced side by side.James won with a small lead in the last few laps of the Heat race. Later in the main James took an early lead and held it until his breaks started to fade. James slipped back to 3rd and Tim was in 5th when James spun out in turn 2. The car in 4th also spun in an unrelated mishap and Tim finished the race in 3rd with James coming back to finish 6th.

Jason was driving his Super Sport Dodge, and it looked great. The only problem was that the front of the car did it's very best to go into the wall. The track was very greasy but the car still isn't right and he ended up in 11th in the B main. We'll be working on that and James's brakes this week. I would also like to let everyone know that Sean Gentry drove 2 great races to end up in 2nd in both his heat and the A main. Way to go Sean!!!

4-27-2002 Jason wasn't able to get his super sport done in time for the race this week but we hope it'll be there next weekend. Tim and James raced in the "B" main. Tim's car handled great and he took a 6th. James' car was a handfull this week, and with no power steering that is something he will have to fix, still he placed 9th in the "B".

5-4-2002 All 3 cars made it to the track this week, after doing a bunch of work on the super sport. Jason's car pushed worse during the Heat race than it did before we started working on it. So once again we went to work on it in the pits. This time the results were a little different, the car worked good in the main! Jason placed 9th in the main but it was the best the car has worked so far. Tim was in the "C" main and brought home a 5th, while James in the "B" main finished 9th, James is still fighting a brake problem and a bad push but the car is getting faster. Tim's car was working great, so it doesn't need much to get faster.

5-10-2002 Cottage Grove Speedway James was the only one of the 3 to make it to the first Budwieser I-5 race of the season at Cottage grove. The race was lots of fun, and the track was so tacky that it pulled the tire off his wheel during his heat race and the Main, so the racing didn't last long for him but it sure was fun. he finished 9th in the main.

5-11-2002 The second race in the Budwieser I-5 Series. Jason wasn't able to make it, he hurt his ankle so we're not sure when he'll be racing again.

Tim had the 49 car working like a charm during his heat race and he finished 2nd in his heat to the #77 a '65 Chevelle driven by Myshkin Fergeson, losing by inches.

James started his heat on the outside of row 1 and took an early lead that he held onto until the last couple of laps when the #12 of Ness Hanson came up to challenge him. James won, but only by inches.

The Main was very action packed! Tim took an early lead with the #77 of Myshkin Fergeson running right beside him, with James running in 3rd. As soon as the opportunity presented itself James passed both cars at the same time.

Later in the race the #12 of Ness Hanson passed James to take the lead, while Tim dropped back to 4th.

The #12 of Ness Hanson and James started to leave the rest of the pack. Tim slipped a few more positions to finish 6th and James blew an upper radiator hose causing him to leave the track before the race was over.

5-18-02 James wasn't able to make it to the races this weekend but Tim qualified in the fast half of the "C" main, He finished 2nd in his heat and 2nd in the main. It was another great night for the 49 sportsman car.

Jason is getting better at making his SuperSport turn, but just about the time he gets it there he gets hung up in a wreck and has to start all over. He did finish 11th in the "B" main SuperSport event.

5-25-02 James and Tim both qualified for the fast half of the "C" main event. Tim doing a great Job of driving as usual won his heat just ahead of Michael Day. James and Michael Day fought for the lead throughout most of the main with Tim following in a close third when James spun out in turn 2 with 4 laps to go and after a few tense moments, I think we all thought both cars were gonna get wrecked, Tim took over the second place spot. James worked his way back up to 6th before the checker flag fell.

Jason had a great run in his #49 Dodge SuperSport. He started close to the back and worked his way up to 6th place. Way to go Jason, He will get this car to work just give him time.

5-26-02 James and Jason were not able to make it to the second day of the annual Memorial Cup races at Willamette Speedway. Tim made it to the race though and tried hard to win the Memorial Cup. Tim finished second in his heat just behind Tom Moore and just ahead of Michael Day. In his Main it was Michael Day in first and Tim in second trying hard to capture the Memorial Cup. In the end the points were tied between Micheal Day and Tim for the Cup, and using quilifing times as a tie breaker The Cup was given to Micheal. Way to go Micheal (even if he is driving a ford, the thing is fast.)

6-1-02 Tim did a great job tonight and qualified for the "C" main Trophy Dash. Although he finished 3rd he still made it into the race. Way to go Tim!!

Tim went on to a well earned 6th place finish in the "C" main.

Jason worked his way up to 7th for another respectable finish.

6-8-02 Rained out.... bummer

6-15-02 James ran a great race with a very rough and heavy track holding on to second for most of his main. Before the end of the race though it was clear that the track was just to rough for his car and James pulled off with just a few laps to go.

Jason did a great job of driving the rough track and finished 9th in the SuperSport "B" main.


James drove his car to a second in his heat race and he drove as hard as the car would go for the the third I-5 event but maybe he pushed it just a little to far. He spun twice in his main and still finished 6th in the main.

Jason was involved in a wreck in his heat but the car was unhurt. During the main he was involved in another wreck and finished 11th. We'll be rebuilding his front end this week.

6-29-02 Another Rainout

7-4-02 the 4th of July event at Southern Oregon Speedway was awsome even if Jason did break his steering in quailifing.

We really enjoyed our selves at the Race. We showed up on the 3rd and after setting up camp, promoter Bill Arnold took us over to watch the Drag races with jet powered funny cars and fire works. After much beer and racing we headed back to camp and watched the track crew work in the track while we drank more beer. On the 4th we saw many cars show up from the local 4 cyl class, the local prostocks, Madrass Supersports, Our Supersports and Outlaw Latemodels to a CarQuest Latemodel from California.

James and Jason both qualified for the "C" main. Like I said Jason broke his steering. James finished his heat in 3rd behind Eric Jarnport. During the main James ran in second until he was bumped by the #75 Prostock.

James then tried to make a run back to the front but lost it in turn 2 where his tranny was stuck in 2 gears.


On the way back to Willamette James decided to see if he could run at the Roseburg track. Jason had to go home so James was on his own. After being told that he could run with the local Latemodels James went into town to wash the car.After that he went to the bank to pick up funds and that is where he met Mikaela. She was working on a Nissan in the parking lot of the bank, and it turned out, pretty much had everything figuered out and almost had the problem solved. When James found out that the car wasn't hers, that she had her own tools and that she was very mechanically inclined he asked her to help him out in the pits. She did a great job and impressed many of the teams with her willingness to work hard.


The track at Roseburg was very fast and even though James went faster than his car has ever gone he couldn't compete with the latemodels.

He didn't get lapped in his heat(his car was almost 3 seconds a lap slower so in a 8 lap heat he expected to get lapped). His Car got so hot that all he was able to do was Take the Green flag in his main and then sit back and enjoy the show. Roseburg has a great facility and I really enjoyed the races, car show and Fireworks. Thanks for letting me race there.

7-6-02 James wasn't able to get his car fixed in time so Jason was the only one to race at Willamette. Jason's steering sector broke again but he manhandled the car to finish his main in 10th.

7-12-02 Tim decided to race a dash for trash car at the Sublimity Fair grounds where he placed 1st in his first heat, 2nd in his 2nd heat and 4th in his main. It was a blast to watch and we may all run dash for trash cars in the next race.

7-13-02 Jason's car is still broke and James is out of Gas, we decided to go watch the back to the 50's night race at Bank's Sunset Speedway. We had a blast and got to relax some. See everyone next weekend.

Here at P.O.S. Racing we know how to find the wall... check back here to see if we found our way to the checker..... or the wrecker, 'cause you never know