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Advertising with P.O.S. Racing


P.O.S. Racing

Racing is America's number one spectator sport! It continues to grow and develop and last year Money Magazine named NASCAR as the best value in advertising dollars. If you look at the sponsors of racing today you will notice that they are not all geared toward men, the reason for this is that every year a survey of people who come to watch and of home viewers reveals that more women are watching racing then men! That is why when you look at today's sponsors you'll see Tide, the Family Channel, Snickers, McDonalds and many others that you would not have seen 20 years ago.

A company who spends $2.5 million plus for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl won't see the value that one who advertises on one Quarter panel of a Winston Cup car during the Daytona 500 will. The Daytona lasts 4 hours, and if the car is in the top 10 then that sponsor will receive many minutes of advertising instead of 30 seconds... Even for cars back in the pack they will still show up on TV and not cost the company anything close to what the Super Bowl commercial would.

Sponsoring a local race team can do several things for your local company. It can build a team spirit within your company as your employees follow and root for their race team. It can also give you exposure to customers who may not even know they need your products or services. Where ever our cars go they attract attention, from race fans and non-race fans alike. Non-race fans look because they are curious and race fans look because they love cars. For whatever reason they look at our cars, it’s your name they will see.

Before I explain the amount we charge to advertise on our cars let me explain why we are looking for sponsors. Our cheapest car costs a bunch to build, but we are not looking to make a profit from advertising or racing. We race because we love it. We would never ask a sponsor to help us build our cars, or to maintain them. We are only looking to provide you with the service of advertising and in return we are seeking help with our weekly racing expenses. Our weekly fuel bills can be very high with fuel for one of our cars costing about $6.90 a gallon. We also have to get the cars to and from the track, and pay for the entry fees for our cars and our pit crews. With that in mind you can see why we charge the fees we do.

We have several advertising packages available to suit your budget and needs. We currently have 4 cars to choose from. A Street stock 1976 Chevy Camero (A street stock is a car that is almost completely stock, not counting the roll cage and fuel cell), 2 sportsman cars a 1964 Olds 442 and a 1981 Olds Regal (a sportsman car is one that only the body retains a stock appearance but has a highly modified motor and suspension set- up), our 4th and fastest car is a Dodge Avenger dirt late model (A dirt late model is one that was designed and built to race, having no factory parts on this car it is the fastest and the lightest of the 4). We break the cars up into sections, of course if you wanted to be sole sponsor of a car and have it painted with your company’s logo and paint scheme (like the Dupont Chevy of Jeff Gordon). We can work something out, but most local companies would rather advertise on a smaller scale. The cars are broken down into the Hood, trunk (deck area), roof, front and rear fenders. We also break things down to a per-race price paid monthly. The reason we do this is because we are not a high dollar race team that have spare cars. There may be times we wont make it to a race and we want you to get the advertising you are paying for, so if we miss a race you don’t pay.

Our prices range from $10.00 for a front fender on the street stock per race to $150.00 per race for the hood of the dirt late model. We can also help you with the design of your Decals and put you in touch with the people who make your company name stick out on our cars, we do ask for 2 stickers at one time though, as our cars do get a beat up and we will need them when we have to replace the body part you are advertising on. Our race season includes 22 races not counting special events, we plan to run at least one of the cars at St. Helens, Medford and the Fall Classic in Tacoma WA.

At P.O.S. Racing we are professionals and we enjoy what we do. Racing has been a way of life here for most of my life and my partners have both been racing for over 10 years. Our trip to the speedway takes an hour from Lafayette to Salem then Down the I-5 freeway to the Highway 34 exit. That means that not only do you get advertising exposure at the track but you also get it on the way there and back. It's like having a rolling billboard!!! Our prices are very reasonable and include personal appearances and Pictures along with a monthly newsletter letting you know how our season is going. We also have our own website and we will include a short company bio page with pictures and a link to your web page if you have one. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to advertise and you are in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, please contact me.

P.O.S. Racing

James Whitehouse

375 8th street, Lafayette OR 97127


Oh yeah…. If you want to know what P.O.S. stands for, you’ll have to ask me in person. Thanks again.

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